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What is Fast ForWord Reading Comprehension?

These resources accelerate Reading Comprehension by combining language, cognitive and reading skills with higher comprehension tasks in a personalised and adaptive way.

They are suitable for Secondary Students (as well as Middle/High school and Adults.

Five exercises focus on various aspects of sentence and passage comprehension, with an emphasis on grammar, answering literal and inferential questions, and working with reference materials including diagrams, tables etc..

“We believe in fostering a playful and collaborative learning environment that’s accessible for all.” 

Exercise Summaries

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Concentrated Focus

on reading comprehension and the sub-skills that build it, from fluent decoding and grammar skills, to comprehension strategies.


in reading for understanding with a wide range of texts, including fiction, expository prose, tables, instructions, diagrams, and flowcharts.

Mature Look and Feel

 age-appropriate graphics for secondary learners and motivational features to keep students engaged and learning.

Safe Learning

A learning environment, where students can take chances without fear of judgment by their peers.

Personalized learning

Adaptivity and responsivenessIndividual students get the content they need at the right level of challenge and just-in-time supports for independent work.

Art Walk

Students develop their vocabulary, critical reading, and sentence comprehension skills by building sentences with a variety of grammatical structures.

Key Skills: Visual analysis and sentence building.

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Students develop their paragraph comprehension and non-standard text comprehension skills by answering literal and inferential questions about fiction and nonfiction texts, cause-and-effect, relationship, tables, instructions, and schedules.

Key Skills: Graphics review and inferences.

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Students develop their paragraph comprehension skills by reading fiction and nonfiction texts, using strategies to capture and organize the information, and answering literal and inferential questions using graphic organisers, summaries, tables, instructions, and schedules.

Key Skills: Comprehension strategies and concept webs.

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Print Shop

Students develop their sentence comprehension and critical reading skills by reading one or more sentences and then selecting a paraphrase that captures all of the same information.

Key skill – Paraphrasing

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Road Trip

Students develop their vocabulary and sentence comprehension skills by reading incomplete sentences and choosing the missing word.

Key skill – “Near Misses”, Homophones etc

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Reports for understanding your students.

As students play the game, our learning system collects and analyses data to reveal insights for teachers and schools. When paired with a teacher’s observations, it paints a crystal-clear picture of student performance. 

Don't take our word for it.

Fast ForWord is an excellent resource for both in-class and remote instruction.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Fast ForWord’s  content adapts to match school curricula and state standards. Between the digital games and lesson library, you can find great resources and inspiration for developing reading comprehension.


Who is it for?

Different learner types and intervention levels have different needs. Fast ForWord offers a personalised and differentiated pathway for each learner to maximise achievement potential.

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