MATHia® Adventure

A game-based learning experience for K-6 students that's imaginative, effective, and ready to support any maths classroom.
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Turn meaningful play into maths practice

MATHia Adventure meets students where they are in their maths journey using personalised learning tools.

Instead of getting “stuck,” students get hints and help as they play their way to deeper understanding. 

2023 CODiE Winner for Best Educational Game

MATHia Adventure was named the Best Educational Game of 2023 as part of the annual SIIA CODiE Awards.

This prestigious award celebrates our commitment to deliver an engaging primary school educational experience that merges the worlds of fun and learning and foster resilience with a growth mindset.


Uniting play and rigorous learning like no one else.

Inspired by how children see the world, MATHia® Adventure unites play and pedagogy like no other digital learning solution.

Students are excited to practice math again and again.

It all starts with our research-proven games,

Zorbit’s Maths for K-3 and

Mathstoria game for Grades 4-6  where kids explore targeted maths concepts within an exciting narrative.

We help you to encourage multiple strategies, foster resilience and a growth mindset. 

What is MATHia Adventure?

Everyone is a maths person, just not everyone knows it yet.

We are not your source for passive lectures and rote learning drills.

We are a suite of digital tools, hands-on resources and teacher supports that help you go beyond paper worksheets and teaching to a test.

Customise content to match student needs.

The real power of data lies in using it to make decisions.

You can target assignments and use specific activity recommendations to help close gaps, cement strengths and promote a growth mindset.

You can streamline class planning and make personalised learning practical.

Students develop a love for maths early

MATHia Adventure creates an encouraging learning environment where students overcome any maths anxiety and don’t worry about making mistakes.

Instead, they’re excited to stretch their math skills as they explore multiple strategies and solutions.

Reports for understanding your students.

As students play the game, our learning system collects and analyses data to reveal insights for teachers and schools.

When paired with a teacher’s observations, it paints a crystal-clear picture of student performance. 

MATHia Adventure

3 Key Advantages for Teachers

Embedded Maths

The maths challenges are embedded into the games rather than pop-up flashcard or worksheet-style questions.

Meaningful Maths

Students use multiple strategies to  emphasise the problem-solving process as much as the solution.

Learning Gaps?

We also provide suggested offline intervention activities for the teacher to use one-on-one or with groups.

Don't take our word for it.

“MATHia Adventure has made it easy for me to track student progress. I love that I can assign a specific topic that is related to what we are learning in the classroom.

Being able to pre-schedule assignments has been a lifesaver! It’s helped me see which students need more help in specific topics.”


Tyna Hammer

Teacher, Woodbridge Township School District, New Jersey

Zorbits is an excellent resource for both in-class and remote instruction.


Stephen Lecce

Minister of Education, Government of Ontario,

The teacher dashboard is a great resource… a valuable time saver for busy teachers!


Sylvia Tobin

Kindergarten Teacher, Newfoundland and Labrador English School District; NL

“With Zorbit’s Math Adventure we’ve noticed a huge uptake. The return on investment has been fantastic within our district.”


See how Zorbits boosts school adoption and student participation in maths  Click Here

Shelley Gartner

Elementary Math Consultant , Calgary Catholic School District

“What teachers told me is that through the use of Zorbit’s, teachers and children found out that they could be a math person.”


Watch how teachers leverage the resources inside and outside the classroom to boost achievement levels Click Here

Kathy Charchun

Math Consultant Jigsaw Learning , Livingstone Range School District

“Zorbit’s is making teachers’ planning easier, more efficient, and the differentiation is not so much of a chore as it would be with other types of resources.”


Listen to what teachers say about Zorbit’s support and professional development  Click Here

Ralph Grant

K-12 Educational Technology Consultant , Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Something I really admire about the Zorbit’s team is how much love and effort they put into helping students see how awesome math really is. It’s a platform that wants kids thinking and engaging and being curious about mathematics.”


See how students develop understanding of math concepts in flexible ways  Click Here

Kyle Pearce

K-12 Math Consultant , Greater Essex County District School Board

Zorbit’s platform empowers teachers to be able to create amazing math lessons whether they are in the classroom or in a virtual learning environment.”


98% of the teachers at OCSB’s Virtual Academy use Zorbit’s to deliver rich math learning remotely to 1,700 students Click Here

Kim Lacelle

Elementary Student Success Coordinator, Ottawa Catholic School Board

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