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Experience the only adaptive, interactive video streaming program for primary and secondary school maths students.


Every MATHstream lesson is taught by a dynamic math influencer

Lessons adapt to students in real time, motivating them to test new skills and outperform themselves, while teachers can easily track student progress.

A flexible solution that works with any maths classroom

Help your students take a deeper dive into maths concepts anytime, anywhere.

MATHstream uses adaptive learning paths to help students improve where they need it most and accelerate when they’re ready.

Made for every classroom<br />
 More flexibility: MATHstream works as a supplemental solution in any maths classroom

2023 EdTech Breakthrough Winner for Best Adaptive Program


MATHstream was named Adaptive Learning Solution of the Year in the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.

This award celebrates our commitment to providing an adaptive, interactive learning experience that helps 6-12 students learn what they need, when they need it.


The MATHstream Experience

INTERACTIVE VIDEOS: Students don’t just watch—they participate in embedded exercises and game-based activities that are fun, encouraging and proven effective.

PERSONALISED LEARNING: Lessons meet students where they are, adapt to their individual progress, and provide extra practice where they need it most.

ENTERTAINING LESSONS: Dynamic math influencers bring the energy and the insights, helping students think critically, creatively, and conceptually as they deepen their math understanding.


Meet the MATHstreamers
Followed by millions of learners around the world, our MATHstreamers are dynamic math influencers who know how to connect with and inspire students. 

Robert Ahdoot

Robert Ahdoot

Math teacher

Founder of YayMath.org, a free online collection of math video lessons filmed live in his classroom, in studio, and even as street performance art, using special costumes and characters.

An educator for nearly 20 years, he’s given two TEDx talks, and is the author of One-on-One 101: The Art of Inspired and Effective Individualized Instruction.

Howie Hua

Howie Hua

Math instructor

Howie Hua is a math instructor at Fresno State who teaches math to future elementary school teachers. He’s passionate about finding ways to humanize the math classroom, listening to how students think about math, and building mathematical confidence in all learners.

In 2019, Howie was named Outstanding Lecturer for the College of Science and Math at his university. Outside of school, Howie likes to play piano, go on walks, make math memes, and make math explainer videos.

Deidre Kelly

Deidre Kelly

6th Grade Math teacher

Deidre has been teaching maths for 11 years.

Deidre has more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok with math and activities that engage her school and students.

“It’s helped me see which students need more help in specific topics…

MATHia Adventure has made it easy for me to track student progress. I love that I can assign a specific topic that is related to what we are learning in the classroom. Being able to pre-schedule assignments has been a lifesaver!” 

Tyna Hammer

Teacher, Woodbridge School

Made for Students

MORE FUN: Game-based lessons keep students engaged and motivated, and help them develop a love of math

MORE CONFIDENCE: Students build their skills and make progress in a reaffirming and low-risk environment that relieves math anxiety

MORE PERSONALISED: Adaptive learning paths ensure students get extra instruction and practice where they need it most

Made for Teachers

MORE SUPPORT: On-demand videos are available anytime, anywhere and help in instances of student or teacher absences
Teachers can focus more on collaborative exercises and classroom activities while MATHstream supports personalised learning
Formative skills assessments track student progress and performance.

MATHstream is the only adaptive, interactive video streaming program where rock star math teachers deliver targeted instruction to maths students in a fun, engaging, game-based environment.

See what the MATHstream experience is like for students and teachers.