• Our program Fast ForWord® helps your students become better at learning by developing the essential cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing accuracy and sequencing.
  • The curriculum systematically starts from phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, spelling and onto high level comprehension.
  • Our Reading Assistant® program gives you a personalised tutor for pronunciation and reading fluency.
  • The programs adapt to each participant providing a personalised learning experience.
  • Our software and teaching resources allow you to give a variety of teaching methods in a blended learning way in the classroom, language lab and at home.
  • Our methodology uses a frequent and adaptive way, simultaneously developing language and cognitive skills in an engaging way.
  • We use neuroscience in a proven way to accelerate English skills.
  • We report progress in detail automatically allowing specific and direct intervention with classes and individuals.

Why Use Neuron Learning?

It works because it makes a fast and permanent change to your student’s

the foundations for English language and reading mastery

You can give personalised intensive practice for your students, then reinforce the lessons with corrective feedback

Use curriculum aligned blended resources to maximise your teaching impact.

Empowered by Neuron Learning and Fast ForWord

3 million
Fast ForWord  programs have served 3 million students
12,000 Schools
…used by over 12,000 schools and colleges
43 countries
…in more than 43 countries worldwide.

AI based software helps you provide engaging, motivating, effective personalised learning to your students.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. See what these users say about Fast ForWord

User Testimonials
“It’s the best of both worlds, learning while playing games on the computer at the same time!”
Dorothy Hall
United Kingdom
“I cannot speak highly enough about this program (Fast ForWord ®) and he can work independently.”
Laurie Halvorson
United Kingdom
“Some children have made three sub-levels of progress in their reading.”
Luba Leadbetter,
United Kingdom

Neuron Learning for English Language Learning

We provide you with a wide range of resources including, software, assessment tools, workbooks, teacher guides and planners. These are aligned to international standards including the Cambridge Assessment of English.

Fast ForWord for Struggling Learners

Learning professionals, therapists and education psychologists use Fast ForWord ® and Reading Assistant ® to help struggling learners improve their processing, English language and reading skills. Take a look at how you can use our programs.

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