Achieve 1-2 years of reading gains in just 40 - 60 hours work with brain-based learning
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What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, adaptive reading and language program that delivers 1-2 years gains in 40-60 hours of use. The programs cross-train language, reading and cognitive skills for long-lasting benefits.

Schools choose Fast ForWord because our unique brain-based approach targets the root causes of reading difficulty to deliver immediate and lasting results that make better readers and lifelong learners.

The Impact of Reading Achievement

Too many students lack proficient reading skills, leading to struggles with learning, confidence, and behavior. Our Fast ForWord Literacy intensively targets underlying cognitive and language skills and permanently builds student learning capacity, resulting in lasting reading gains, social-emotional growth, and improved graduation rates. .

Personalized and Adaptive to Reach Every Reader

No two students, classrooms, or even schools have the same needs. With Fast ForWord, students receive differentiated, personalized, and adaptive learning opportunities, while teachers can choose from Fast ForWord’s flexible scheduling options to supplement instruction.

Engage the Adolescent Mind

Age-appropriate content, adaptive exercises, and leveled reading selections dynamically adjust to reading skill attainment and student progress. Exercises are designed to promote confidence and student agency while  providing real-time and personalized corrective feedback.

Continuous Multi-Level Progress Monitoring

Robust progress monitoring and reports offer student, class and school aggregated views on learning achievement. The Reading Progress Indicator proprietary assessment forecasts performance growth on exams.

Seamless Integration and Flexible On-Boarding

Teachers are fully supported with phone and on-line consultations and free, on-demand virtual training. Thoughtfully designed instructor manuals minimise preparation time and include lesson plans, exercise overviews, and ready-to-use student worksheets. 


Who is it for?

Different learner types and intervention levels have different needs. Fast ForWord offers a personalized and differentiated pathway for each learner to maximize achievement potential.

Speedy On-Boarding









Automatic Reports



Automatic Reports



Corrective Feedback



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How Fast ForWord can Help your Child

How Fast ForWord can Help your Child

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