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Fix Language and Reading Problems Fast with Our 2-in-1 Reading and Brain Training Program

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Improved Reading and Language Skills

Fast ForWord targets the reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and comprehension.

Improved Cognitive Skills and Executive Function

Our brain-based results in strong cognitive skills that are core to reading and language, like memory, attention, processing, and sequencing. ForWord Home has been proven by extensive research to help struggling readers and children learning English

Luba Leadbetter

Luba Leadbetter

EAL Supervisor

“And yes, we have had quite a few people look at our work who were amazed at how much progress kids make…and especially the fact that the programs allow EAL kids with no language at all to skip the silent phase altogether! ”

Ciara Keenan

Ciara Keenan

Specialist Teacher

“This software has meant that we can radically improve the reading and spelling ability of a large group of children in record time.”

Rachel Copeland

Rachel Copeland

Head of Learning

“Using Fast ForWord seems to up the number of good ‘coincidences!’ Children also report life changes e.g. being able to hear the teacher more clearly in the classroom … Some children have made three sub-levels of progress in their reading.”

Official Report Extract

Official Report Extract

Department of Education

“an innovative ICT programme for learning support and cognitive development has recently been added to the school’s provision. ….Individual students’ cognitive needs are evaluated by the software which then creates individualised programmes”.


Everyone deserves to reach their maximum learning potential.


Fast ForWord provides an effective reading intervention program for learners in grades PreK-12 with reading or learning difficulties.


Tapping into brain power for fast, lasting results.

Our patented brain-based technology addresses foundational cognitive skills essential to reading, academic success, and executive function.

Fast ForWord is backed by 30+ years of multilevel research.


More than 300 research studies have been conducted using Scientific Learning software that demonstrate the effectiveness and highlight the success of the Fast ForWord suite of products.

In fact, Fast ForWord is one of the only reading interventions with neuroscience research that has been and continues to be published in
peer-reviewed journals.



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Fast ForWord Home has been proven by extensive research to help struggling readers and children learning English