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Neuroscience Proven Programs for You and Your Child

Now You Can Improve Learning At Home

Trying to remedy a learning issue is no small job. Only an individualised intervention like ours — managed online software for reading and learning — can help you get the job done at home.

User Friendly

Great-Learning-Material “Overall I found Fast ForWord very user friendly. The fact that each exercise is structured like a computer game makes it very attractive for children, and really from a child’s point of view, it’s the best of both worlds, learning while playing games on the computer at the same time!.“
Dorothy Hall, UK.

Higher Comprehension

High-Quality “David is very excited today as he got 16 out of 20 in a comprehension test. He was 3rd or 4th highest in his class. In a previous test in term one and he got 2 out of 20. He is so pleased with himself. We are of course really happy to see him get more confident in himself. I am a very happy mum”
Jill, Suffolk, UK.


Processing-Skills “Many thanks for all your support. Jill has now done 74% of Reading 3 and I think as a teacher and parent it is a fantastic programme. The grammar, language extension and comprehension is amazing and I am going to recommend to my headmaster that the Year 5 children all complete this. It is much more effective that many grammar lessons and comprehension lessons. I am very impressed”
Katy, London, UK.

Lower Stress

Cognitive-Skills “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you both on the excellent service. For my two children the improvement which I and their teachers have witnessed in both their reading and mental arithmetic has been outstanding. This has resulted in a considerable increase in their confidence levels and a huge reduction in the stress levels connected with homework.“
Grace Carroll, Ireland.

You Can Accelerate Learning

Fast ForWord first targets the processing, phonemic awareness and related skills that cause over 90% of all reading problems. And then goes on to develop vocabulary, spelling, fluency and reading comprehension.

And You Improve Learning Capacity

With Neuron Learning you also build Memory skills as well as Attention, Processing Speed and Sequencing (following directions). These reading and learning skills are used daily and the improvements endure. 95% of clients recommend us to others, primarily because our program works.

Proven Science, Proven Service

Neuron Learning has being providing tuition services in Europe and the Middle East since 2005. While you have the convenience of online working at home, you have the service of a centre. Our professionals monitor every session, call regularly and are available via phone or email. We report progress weekly and provide online parent support resources. We give you a complete approach designed to get you results.

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Give Your Child the Best Chance to Succeed

Engage your child in learning with our neuroscience proven exercises. After an assessment, we will setup a personalised course for your child. Daily, the software adapts, presenting a variety of interactive exercises with a computer-game feel. Your child has a personalised pathway to improve language, learning and reading.

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Master Reading and Comprehension

After 2-3 months, most students then move to a reading program to build reading fluency, spelling and comprehension skills. We place you on a reading level based on our assessment software and your requirements. Most participants complete the complete home program within 6 months.

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How You Know It Works

Improved Language Skills

Great-Learning-Material “The average child who took the (Fast Forword) program moved ahead 1.8 years of language development in just six weeks, a remarkable achievement “
“The Brain That Changes Itself” Norman Doidge

Effective Remediation

High-Quality “ The results were remarkable. After 20 to 40 hours training (on Fast ForWord) the children could distinguish fast phonemes as correctly as kids who did not have dyslexia” 
“Train Your Mind Change Your Brain” Sharon Begley

Research Proven

Processing-Skills “ Intensive computerized interventions ( Fast ForWord) can partially restore a normal pattern of brain activity in dyslexic children” reporting on PNAS study 2003 
“Reading in the Brain” Stanislas Dehaene

Builds Reading Fluency

Cognitive-Skills “An exciting new program, [Reading Assistant], … exploits the newest speech recognition technology to improve fluency……strongly recommended…” 
“Overcoming Dyslexia” Sally Shatwitz

Exercise You Child Will Do

A learning program will not work if your child does not do it! You know it, tutoring can be boring. Lists, passive listening, the humiliation of having to read out loud in front of others. Your child would rather play video games. Our engaging cognitive software  is a very different experience for your child. While it is intensive — it has to be to get results — our software is presented in a computer game format that children love.

Gains Across the Spectrum

Most students work solely on cognitive and language exercises to start, reading fluency and comprehension exercises later. Based on extensive research, our exercises are designed to strengthen cognitive skills, reading, academic progress, test taking and more.

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