AI in education:

What you need to know

AI is the undisputed king of education buzzwords this year, but what do administrators and teachers really think about it? We surveyed nearly 800 educators to understand their perspectives and practices regarding AI in education. Learn about our top takeaways from the survey and receive practical tips for implementing AI in your classroom, school, or district. 

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What’s inside?


Educator Perspectives

We asked nearly 800 educators to share their opinions on AI use in education, and found a division between administrators and teachers. Learn more about the prevailing attitudes that we uncovered.


Educator Practices

Learn about educators’ favorite AI tools and the varied ways in which they use them. Read about the biggest benefits and challenges they’ve experienced and what to consider in your own practice.


Educator Outlook

Many educators report feeling optimistic about the future of AI in education, with a few caveats. Learn more about their nuanced view and what they report needing for better implementation.



During our AI in Education webinar, you will:


Get practical tips for AI integration

Learn how AI can help reduce the amount of time educators spend on time-consuming tasks like planning and grading.


Learn how AI can improve student concept mastery

Discover how AI can help students master course content instead of exploiting it for correct answers.


Discover how to build a policy on AI

Read a sample AI policy and learn how to address common educator concerns.

JOIN US ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2024, AT 4PM ET / 20.00 London / 24.00 (midnight) Dubai Time

Meet the Presenters


Dr. Tyler Tarver

Dr. Tyler Tarver is a former teacher, principal, and dean who delivers generative AI training to teachers across the country. He is the author of four books, hosts multiple podcasts, and has over 120 million views and 500k subscribers across social media platforms. He is the founder of and a MATHstream instructor.



Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher is the AI Content Engineer for Carnegie Learning and a mathematics instructional designer with over 27 years in K-12 mathematics. He is a co-author of Carnegie Learning’s MATHbook series and has led content creation efforts for both MATHstream and MATHia. Josh spearheaded the creation of LiveHint in 2020 and now leads the development of LiveHint AI.


Jamie Sterling

As Vice President of Product, Research & Development, Jamie is particularly focused on developing solutions that leverage generative AI, such as MATHstream, the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Award Winner for Best Adaptive Program. With an empathetic focus on the user and her eye on the evidence, Jamie strives to craft products that empower educators and foster student success.