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Thursday 21st January, 2021

Webinar: The Relationship Between Attention & Learning

(including ADHD)

Here are the 3 main takeaways: from The Webinar:  Relationship Between Attention & Learning

1. In attention-hyperactivity behaviours have been linked to reading underachievement in early & middle childhood. Current research suggests that attention weaknesses lead to reading challenges, rather than reading problems resulting in inattentiveness.

2. First-grade attention problems have been found to be predictive of lower 5th grade grades in all subject areas. Unfortunately, traditional academic interventions such as tutoring do not seem to be beneficial to children with attention weaknesses. 

3. Our ability to pay attention is a skill which can be strengthened. Neurofeedback intervention has been found to be a beneficial tool for training attention span. 

Dr David Rabiner is a leading authority on attention and ADHD. Neuron Learning has worked with him in the past. His webinar The Relationship Between Attention & Learning is part of the free, weekly, online series “Pushing The Boundaries of Achievement Series –  the Latest Evolution of Applied Neuroscience” hosted by our partner Elite performance Solutions. 

They will feature leading neuroscientists and education specialists who will explain: 

  •  how to understand and extract the untapped potential in everyone
  • ways to recognise and develop often hidden strengths, and
  • how to give everyone the tools to gain that competitive edge in their lives


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About the Presenter



David Rabiner, PhD
David received his PhD in clinical psychology from Duke University, USA,  in 1987 and is a Research Professor in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke University. Currently, he is a Senior Associate Dean and Director of Academic Advising for Trinity College at Duke University. Dr. Rabiner has published over 50 peer reviewed articles on ADHD, attention problems, and children’s social development; his research in these areas has been supported by nearly $10M in federal grants. He has served as a grant reviewer for the Institute of Education Sciences and on the editorial board for the Journal of Attention Disorders. In addition to his work at Duke, Dr. Rabiner publishes an online newsletter called Attention Research Update that helps over 30,000 subscribers stay informed about important new research on ADHD. Free subscriptions are available at www.helpforadd.com