We have been working with children with dyslexia for 20 years. No doubt that Cognitive skills are the hidden side of learning. The better your child can process information the better they will be at reading.

Without competence in these four areas your child will struggle to read.

The good news is that with the right resources your child can improve their ability to learn.

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Does your child show a weakness in any of these four skills?

In our experience the best results come when programmes combine cognitive skills training exercises with reading and language skills. They should be able to adapt to your child’s progress and be motivating and fun to do. They focus on four skills.

Memory is the ability to store information and ideas, which is essential for word recognition, comprehension of complex sentences and remembering instructions.

Attention is the ability to focus on information and tasks, while ignoring distractions. Fluent reading requires sustained and focused attention.

Processing in the context of reading is the ability to distinguish and associate individual speech sounds with the corresponding letter and word forms.

Sequencing skills are used for maintaining order, such as the order of letters within words or words within a sentence.

Our Fast ForWord Literacy intensively targets underlying cognitive and language skills and permanently builds their learning capacity, resulting in lasting reading gains, social-emotional growth, and improved graduation rates.

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