Encourage your child to develop effective study habits early on.

These habits lay the foundation for academic success and lifelong learning skills:

  • Consistent Routine: Help your child establish a consistent daily routine that includes dedicated study time. Consistency helps reinforce learning and creates a sense of discipline. 
  • Designated Study Space: Create a quiet and organised study area where your child can focus without distractions. This space should be well-lit and equipped with necessary study materials. 
  • Time Management: Teach your child to manage their time effectively by using tools like calendars and planners. Break down tasks into manageable chunks and set realistic goals. 
  • Active Learning: Encourage active learning strategies such as summarising material in their own words, creating flashcards, or teaching concepts to someone else. Active engagement enhances understanding and retention. 
  • Healthy Breaks: Remind your child to take regular breaks during study sessions to prevent burnout. Physical activity, snacks, and short breaks can help them recharge.