Originally Broadcasted
Date: Wednesday 19th May, 2021

Join Brandon Larson to hear him explain the evolution of temperament, personality, and human bonding, individual aspects of team dynamics, and a multimodal framework of team behaviour and resilience. A valuable discussion for all types of teams!

His webinar is part of the free, monthly, online series “Pushing The Boundaries of Achievement Series –  the Latest Evolution of Applied Neuroscience” hosted by our partner Elite performance Solutions. Neuron Learning has worked with him in the past.

The webinar features leading neuroscientists and education specialists who will explain: 

  • how to understand and extract the untapped potential in everyone
  • ways to recognise and develop often hidden strengths, and 
  • how to give everyone the tools to gain that competitive edge in their lives.

About the Presenter

Brandon Larson is a mechanical engineer and systems theorist turned human performance researcher. His career has spanned research and development roles at NASA and The Boeing Company, several excursions into the startup world, and innovation work to build better performance outcomes for some of the world’s most elite athletes as part of a “skunk works” sport science team at Red Bull. Across these roles Brandon has deployed team productivity/coaching tools to a 176,000 employee cohort, brought six consumer products to life from napkin to market, advised successfully funded startups in the wellbeing space, as well as advised the C-Suite of a $7.98B revenue company on innovation. In his time at Red Bull, Brandon led efforts to support over 900 elite athletes across 142 disciplines in chasing dreams to 26 Olympic medals, 201 X-Games medals, 219 World Championship medals, 245 National Titles, one jump from the edge of space, and many other achievements that don’t have typical mainstream labels. Today, Brandon is passionately obsessed with understanding human nature – helping parents apply the science of human development to inform their parenting and early education practices.