Does your child’s poor memory let them down? Are they frustrated that they cannot remember what was just said? Do they need things repeated a lot? Does their homework take longer than other children?

There are ways to help your child process information more efficiently and remember more.

Coping strategies include making lists, recording lessons, numbering instructions and so on. The problem is that these are not always practical to do in everyday life. Things just move too fast for them to write or record or use memory “tricks”.

The good news is we ALL can improve our memory. Our brains can develop this skill. It’s called “brain plasticity”, The more you practice these skills the better you memory becomes – more automatic, quicker and efficient.

Use our Free Guide 14 Steps to Improve your Childs Working Memory to help your child with simple coping strategies for their memory.

We will come back to this vital skill – maybe in a webinar or short video.

We can show you how we use Fast ForWord to help children develop memory using supporting cognitive skills such as attention and processing accuracy. By fixing the problem for the long-term they develop their confidence socially and academically

In the meantime if you feel you would like to take action now to help your child address the issues, just put a comment in the download form and we will get back to you.


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14 Steps to Improve your Child’s Working Memory