Originally Broadcasted
Date: Thursday 17th June, 2021

Here are the 3 main takeaways:

1. Every learner is born with a unique set of cognitive skills, which explains why we all have such different learning abilities. For example, a child with strong visual-spatial processing abilities may enjoy art, do well in Math and be observed as a “visual” learner. Another child with strong auditory processing may grasp verbal information quickly, enjoy reading and be classified as an “auditory” learner.  

2. Contrary to what most people think, adapting teaching methods to children’s learning styles has not been shown to be effective. To do well in certain subjects, specific cognitive networks must be strong, hence modifying teaching methodology may not yield the descried outcomes if the underlying brain networks are not strengthened.

3. Learning styles are not fixed characteristics but changeable traits, since our cognitive skills can be strengthened through targeted training. Using neuroscience-based training, our brains can be rewired and new mental capabilities developed.

    Featured Speaker

    Ms Cheryl Chia, Founder and Director, BrainFit®

    With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Ms Cheryl Chia is an accomplished physiotherapist, who is also the founder of BrainFit, an entity that specialises in scientific brain fitness training. Cheryl holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia. She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Hospital, Singapore and was also the overall coordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy there. She has lectured in Nanyang Polytechnic and is a much sought-after speaker, including at events organised by MediaCorp, the Child Guidance Clinic, schools and international brain-based learning conferences. She is a frequent invited guest on Parenting Made Easy Radio 93.8, where she shares her expertise on brain fitness to help parents raise smarter and more resilient children. Cheryl is also an author and a mother to two young girls.