Fast ForWord sets learners up for success with intensive, 1-on-1 instruction in foundational language and literacy skills while also building the cognitive capacities that support strong reading and learning.

Fast ForWord’s online, adaptive exercises were designed by neuroscientists to be highly motivating to students and strengthen both literacy and cognitive skills, meaning that Fast ForWord doesn’t just build better readers; it builds better learners.

  • Unique Approach: Our program prepares students for core literacy growth by focusing on cognitive skills to optimise learning readiness
  • Rapid student gains that last: When used consistently, Fast ForWord can help students attain 1–2 years of reading growth after just 40–60 hours of use.
  • ClearFluency: Acting as a 1-on- 1 reading tutor, ClearFluency builds confident readers and speakers by providing immediate and personalised feedback as they read aloud. Students improve fluency skills and build academic vocabulary while guiding comprehension
  • Easy-to-use reports and indicators: Student reports are enhanced by graphs that show usage, performance, reading level trends, and student
    proficiency levels, meaning that educators can give the targeted, intentional feedback that every learner needs to improve.
  • Thoroughly researched: With more than 55 patents in neuroscience and education and more than 300 research studies verifying its effectiveness, no other cognitive skills and learning readiness program has been as thoroughly reviewed as Fast ForWord.