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The Fast ForWord family of products provides learners with computer-delivered exercises that build the cognitive skills required to master English language and learn effectively.

Please Give Me Free Access to the Interactive Fast ForWord Brochure

Index of the Interactive Brochure

Page 6  – Reviews of Fast ForWord
Page 8  – Primary and Teenage Versions Typical Study Sequence
Page 9  – Fast ForWord Language & Literacy Series
Page 16 – Fast ForWord for Reading
Page 19 – School Case Study
Page 21 – Learning Management System
Page 22 – Student Reading Progress Indicator
Page 25 – Home Study Course
Page 29 – Dyslexia Case Study
Page 32 – English Language Software Programs

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Neuron Learning Programs address the cognitive challenges routinely faced by students to process English language information as quickly as it is presented.

Fast ForWord exercises the parts of the brain that contribute to memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing. Students think faster, remember more and stay on task more easily after completing the programs. The software helps ensure fluency by systematically developing the critical skills of listening accuracy, phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and comprehension.



Please Give Me Free Access to the Interactive Fast ForWord Brochure