Decoding Dyslexia for Educators

A Guide to Helping Students

1.  Learn the Dos and Don’ts

Know the Dyslexia Do’s and Don’ts to make your school an optimal learning environment for students showing signs of dyslexia.

2.  Five Ways Technology can help
  • Speech-to-text software For writing assignments, students can use a voice recognition tool that converts spoken words into typed sentences on the screen
  • Text-to-speech software Reading everything from books to worksheets can be made easier by being converted to audio files.
  • Smart pens LiveScribe™ SmartPen digitizes the notes that a student writes in a notebook while also recording the lecture.
  • Computer games that target phonological processing Because dyslexia is primarily an auditory disorder, students should use a program that strengthens phonological processing.
  • Spell checker Spelling check apps that are especially helpful for students with dyslexia include American WordSpeller™ and Typ-O HD.
3.  Checklist of Dyslexia Signs

Do you think one or more of your students might have some form of dyslexia? It can be difficult to spot because it’s a spectrum disorder and looks a little different on everyone. To help you decide who to recommend for a dyslexia screening and evaluation by a qualified professional, here is a checklist of dyslexia symptoms to look for by age.

Download the PDF Article

Accelerate English Skills with Neuroscience



Neuron English is the only English program designed by neuroscientists for YOUR curriculum
We adapt our materials to meet your classroom requirements.
Help your students become better learners by developing their cognitive skills.
Start by developing listening skills such as, English phonemes, vocabulary and oral comprehension
Give  your students  intensive practice that adapts to each participant.
Our speech verification technology  listens and corrects students as they speak aloud, like a guided pronunciation coach!

Lesson planners are available for each year  that you can adapt to your own class’s requirements
Each Lesson Plan is based on YOUR standards with differentiators between proficiency levels.
Teachers get free access to workbooks, class materials, videos and  presentations.
Teachers blend their classroom activities with on-line exercises that can be done at home or at school

Neuron English’s reporting and automated assessments make it easy to monitor learning progress.
Teachers get precise feedback on each student’s performance and errors which allows for timely intervention
We provide full professional training as well in-service days and follow-up seminars

Our programs builds attention and memory skills so  students are better able to process the sounds of English and then organize those sounds within words and words within sentences.

Fast ForWord provides intense practice. The program provides over 25,000 trials in academic language exercises, whereas other reading interventions provide just over 5,000. With 5 times the amount of trials, the progress comes fast.

This is a real fMRI data from a study conducted at Harvard and Stanford universities. Let’s look at the brain of a proficient reader and then a struggling reader. See the difference? After just 8 weeks, Fast ForWord helped weak readers develop the brain activity patterns that resemble those of strong readers.

With 55 patents in neuroscience and education and 300+ research studies, no other reading intervention program has been as thoroughly researched and reviewed as Fast ForWord.

You can depend on the quality, innovation and results that has made us the # 1 English language development software on the US government’s What Works Clearinghouse

The  programs builds language and reading systematically – from younger to older students, at high interest and  low ability all the way to International Baccalaureate level…

Proficient language and reading requires strong cognitive skills. This is why other English programs frequently don’t help struggling students. Each of the intervention exercises in our program cross-trains core language skills with equally important cognitive skills.

Give your students the best opportunity to accelerate their English skills and become better learners

Thank you for watching our presentation and Please Contact us for more details and access to the programs.


Webinar – New Science of Learning for Struggling Readers

Fasr ForWord, Neuron English


Fasr ForWord, Neuron English

Webinar – New Science of Learning for Struggling Readers

Presenter: Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
Date/Time: Monday September 11, 2017, 9pm London UK
Length: 60 minutes
No Charge/Free

Updated with 2017 research, this is a must-see for those interested in how neuroscience is impacting education. See the latest research on how the brain is organized (or not!) for reading, and what’s happening with your struggling students. We’ll show how the science of learning has guided the development of technologies like Fast ForWord to improve the underlying memory, attention, and processing abilities that these students need to catch up, once and for all.

Marty Burns, Reading Assistant



5 Ways to Develop Executive Function for Early Learners

Fast ForWord on the iPad

The benefits of Fast ForWord® on the tablet you love.

Fast ForWord has always been at the forefront of technology, helping millions of children and adults improve their language, reading and cognitive skills through computerized learning. Now it can reach even more – through the iPad®, the tablet that makes content accessible to learners of all ages and abilities.

New for iPad!

  • More engaging, more accessible: Touch-screen technology and bright, animated graphics make it easier to captivate Kindergarten and College learners alike.
  • More portable: Want to use Fast ForWord in the front of the classroom…At home…In the library? Or all three? iPad portability allows you and your learners to use Fast ForWord wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • More functional: with a username and password, students can access their exercises from any device and switch among them (computer to iPad and vice versa.)

How do I access it?

It’s available now! Download on the App Store

Can I get more info?

Complete this form to download a Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant information packet that includes FAQs about Fast ForWord on the iPad®.

Can I see a demo?

Want to see how Fast ForWord works on the iPad®? Request a demo here.

Can I request pricing?

Would you like pricing* for your school, or for your child? Or are you an existing customer who would like to use Fast ForWord with more learners now that it is on the iPad? Request pricing here.
*Fast ForWord pricing is staying the same. All customers with an active license receive complimentary access to Fast ForWord on the iPad.

Neuron English Brochure for Schools and Colleges

Fast ForWord, EAL, ELL, Academic English

An English language learner who can remember, focus, and process instructions efficiently has a significant advantage in college and in life.

ELL Brochure Neuron English

Neuron English is a systematic and comprehensive English Language Program

Download the PDF of the brochure

The Fast ForWord program has a tremendous impact on the acquisition of the English language by:

  • Improving brain processing efficiency so that individual phonemes within words can be easily differentiated.
  • Slowing down the sounds of speech to help students hear language clearly and accurately.
  • Concentrating on the 44 phonemes of the English language for those whose native language may use different phonemes.
  • Using intensive acoustically modified speech exercises in English phoneme reception producing benefits for ELL learners in receptive language

Speeds Up Language Acquisition

• Builds from bottom up: language processing, phonics, word analysis, grammar and spelling

• Language (following directions) and reading comprehension

Proven Effective for All levels of English proficiency, from basic to advanced

By strengthening both processing efficiency and English language skills, we have been able to accelerate the performance of ELLs and help students make academic gains. – Dr. Sergio Pãez, Worcester MA

An English language learner who can remember, focus, and process instruction efficiently has a significant advantage in college and in life.

• Academic vocabulary and inference

• Higher order thinking skills

• Classroom and personal study

• Developing High Level Comprehension