Ant Antics – Exercises

The object of Ant Antics is to match a picture to its descriptive title.

To work on Ant Antics, the student clicks the Go button on the globe to see a picture projected on the classroom wall. Then, four sentences or phrases are displayed on the notebook. The student must click the sentence or phrase that best describes what is happening in the picture.

Students  develop critical reading and sentence comprehension 

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Leaping Lizards – Exercises

The object of Leaping Lizards is to select the correct response to fill in the blank and complete the sentence.

To work on Leaping Lizards, the student clicks the Go button to start. An incomplete sentence is displayed. In the beginning, the sentence is also spoken aloud. Then, the lizards display four possible responses. The student must click the card with the word, letter, or punctuation mark that best fills in the blank and completes the sentence. Students improve sentence comprehension and vocabulary.

This exercise builds vocabulary, punctuation and capitalisation skills, as well as word morphology, prefixes and suffixes.