Summer Reading Course

Improve your child’s reading and speech in a fun way that they will love

Since you’re reading this page, you either have a child who needs help with their reading or you want to enhance your child’s ability to read and comprehend at a higher level.

What concerns do you have about your child’s reading?

  • Are they falling behind their classmates?
  • Can they read fluently?
  • Do you want to improve their comprehension?
  • Do they need help to build their vocabulary?
  • Are they embarrassed to read in class?
  • Are they scared of being “found out”
  • Do they feel like a failure?
  • And not want to go to school?

What if there was a method of learning to read that could ensure this? That could radically transform their school work and their self-worth?

As a parent of a child with dyslexia/reading challenges do you feel…

  • Disheartened that your child is falling behind in their reading?
  • Upset because your child is losing confidence as the gap widens?
  • Frustrated by the lack of effective professional support?
  • Unable to access resources to help your child?

Take advantage of our resources and expertise during the summer break to prepare your child for the best school year ever.

Our Summer Reading Program includes ClearFluency© which acts as a one-on-one tutor to help students improve their reading fluency and comprehension, and sets them up for a lifetime of joyful reading and learning.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your child could be confident in the reading, comprehension and communication?

When I think about how it feels to achieve reading fluency I’m reminded of David, a student in our winter 2023 group.

He was reading very slowly and his comprehension was poor. He constantly had to re-read the passages in order to get the answers to the questions.

He went through our programme with a focus on improving his reading speed and developing comprehension strategies

His average reading speed went up from 65 words per minute to 115 words per minute.
This meant he could keep up with his classmates and get his homework done more quickly.

He also went from not completing his exam papers to fully answering the questions which gave him higher grades across all subjects.

This has resulted in Dave becoming a much more confident person inside and outside the classroom and becoming a child who has high hopes for his own future.

Another parent commented “They’ve more of an interest in reading, listening and paying attention. Their comprehension is probably where they most excelled. They no longer need learning support in school.”


We have hundreds of stories like this in over 20 years helping children improve their reading and comprehension.

This is the reason we support parents to help their children read effectively. The results are life-changing. We take a holistic approach that gives the child the skills to become strong learners,and fluent communicators.

Why your child can succeed at

reading using our programme

We deal with reading differently.

Our programme is the only one that improves your child’s ability to learn while they are improving their reading skills.

They work on memory, attention and processing of information.  

Now they are ready to learn in the classroom and on their own.

See what our parents and teachers say about us

“This programme really works! We signed our 10 yr old son and saw changes within a couple of weeks. His comprehension, attention, memory and articulation all improved and we are now doing the Summer Reading Course as well, which he really loves.”

Esther McDermott

“Neuron Learning does a fantastic job of working with students with reading difficulties, special needs, and those students seeking to learn English.  Always reliable and effective implementations of Fast ForWord and CLEARfluency.”

Peter Carabi

“This was the building block that was missing in my sons early diagnosis and FastForword considerably aided in acquiring this vital component in reading and writing. Neuron Learning is a professional company and an excellent provider of the Fast ForWord program.”

Claudia Noakes

“Teachers can see a big difference in students’ reading abilities. Students are proud of themselves and want to read aloud because they no longer feel ashamed of not being able to read as well as their peers.”

 Connie Hibbits, Buchanan School

Your dedicated Consultant will make sure your child get the the best from the  Course.

  • Customise everything to your child’s specific requirements.
  • Monitor your child’s participation and send you alerts
  • Send you weekly progress reports
  • Communicate directly with you, by email, phone and Zoom call.

A Personal Reading Tutor

Exercises are adapted so participants gets the right formula to learn and master tasks.

Your child will get extensive feedback to ensure they become skilled learners.


We use on-line games to motivate and engage your child.

Our Clear Fluency listening programme is the only programme that

Corrects pronunciation
Gives immediate feedback
Monitors reading speed

Your child will get a AI driven personal tutor to assist them read accurately and fluently.

Students Complete a Three Step Reading Program

Your child will start with a Word Wall activity

This pre-teaches academic vocabulary, activates prior knowledge and offers pronunciations and definitions.

Step  #1 Preview and Read

When the word wall is complete your child previews the selection by silently reading,

Or listen to a model of a fluent reading

At any time they can click on a word to hear it pronounced.

Step  #2 Read and Record

When reading and recording the program guides your child by proactively highlighting the text to be read.

The AI Guided Tutor listens to your child and helps when they struggle.

Step  #3 Take the Quiz

Lastly. there’s a quick comprehension assessment that lets your child review the selection before answering

We give your child the tools and training to support them succeed in reading and comprehending the selections that they want to read.

Your Questions

What age is the Summer Reading Course suitable for?

This program is generally suitable for students who can read at a speed of at least 40 words per minute (at their comfortable reading level) and are in Prep (Pre-Primary / Reception) and above to adults.

If you are unsure about your child’s suitability for the program please contact us at or 020 8123 4558 

How long will I need to complete the program?

The Summer Reading Program is scheduled for one month.

As the ClearFluency library contains hundreds of selections, you can keep going on this program for a long time if you’d like to! The amount of time you spend on the program will depend on a number of factors including your goals and current reading skill level. 

What technology do I need?

ClearFluency can be used on most Windows and Mac computers through your internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome/Apple Safari browser)s respectively).

It’s compatible with iPad but we don’t recommend using an iPad as the text tends to be small.

It is not compatible with Android devices.

You’ll need a Logitech H390 or Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 headset (or similar to use ClearFluency.

These headsets have a USB connection that includes an inbuilt sound card to ensure a high-quality signal and have been tested and approved by the developers.

How does Clearfluency work?

Check out the demo to see how clearfluency works. Email us at

How can I know my child has reading challenges?

Use our checklist to see what your child is good at and what they need help with. The results of the checklist can be used to create a special plan to help your child with their specific reading fluency needs.

How do I know how my child is doing on the programme?

We email you Weekly Progress Reports on your child’s progress.

We cover:

  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Progress
  • Successes
  • Priority areas.

You can quickly see the impact of their hard work and your support.

How do you know the course benefited your child?

We offer you an optional reading test at the start and end of the course so you can measure the progress your child makes during the course.

You also have your personal course supervisor who monitors your child’s progress.

You can get Individual consultations by email. We also offer Zoom group chats.

“My child has very little time to take on more work”

Regular practice makes rapid progress. In as little as 30 minutes a day, 3 or 5 days a week your child will start to see progress. In our latest research study participants achieved an average of 9 months gains in 67 days.

“I don’t want the same old stuff so that my child gets bored and stops the course”

We don’t provide old-fashioned paper based exercises that are not customised to your child’s specific needs. We provide on-line programmes that are in a games like format to engage and motivate your child. Your child will get a personalised course that will adapt to their progress so that they work on new and exciting material while at the same time giving them the necessary practice to gain automaticity.

“How do I know that this programme works?”

Independent reviews consistently show our Fast ForWord programmes as being effective, These were done in universities such as Harvard and Stanford and in over 300 research and review papers. More than other programme.

Your Child’s Fluency is more than reading words on a page. It’s reading with accuracy, appropriate pacing, and expression.

Our Summer Reading Program includes ClearFluency which acts as a one-on-one tutor to help students improve their reading fluency and comprehension, and sets them up for a lifetime of joyful reading and learning.




“ClearFluency was really helpful for him because he could hear the correct pronunciation when it read to him. It’s giving him confidence, and his reading is improving.

When I gave him a fluency assessment, he went from making 21 errors to six errors in just two weeks.”

Sue Mayo

Instructional Coach, Barnegat School


We have a 15-day, risk-free, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

That means once you purchase the program, you have 15 days to check out the modules and lessons, watch the videos, try all the exercises and practices and decide if it works for you and your child.  And if not, let us know, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. What have you got to lose?

BONUS – Free Consultatation

For all registrations before 31st July 2023 we offer a 30 minute personal consultation (value €90) with our academic director Joyce Kerins. During this conversation you can discuss your child’s individual needs, and how you can help them achieve their reading and learning goals. 
Bonus # 2

Bonus # 2

Reading Assessment - included


Your child can do an optional reading test (value €59) that measures reading grade, skills’

You also get a comparison to their peers.

It includes:

Reading Grade/Age and National Percentile
Comprehension and Vocabulary score
Phonics and Decoding skills

Bonus # 3

Bonus # 3

Workbooks and Printables


We are including a selection of our best worksheets and reading selections (value €49) that you can print and use with your child.

It includes:

Vocabulary builders
Grammar worksheets
Sight-word lists
Reading strategies
Phonics builders

Our Promise

At Neuron Learning we provide you with full support and professional resources to ensure your child  reaches their reading potential

We will consult with you on your goals and liaise with you throughout the course.

What People are saying!

There is a marked improvement in Emmas confidence. Overall, she seems to have a clearer grasp of English. She found it very beneficial to complete the course at home as she could schedule her other activities around it.

Emma really enjoyed doing the programmes and she didnt find it a chore at all!”

David Cotter, Father of Emma

Prior to starting the Fast For Word programme, Anne’s reading was slow and lacked fluency As a result she had little confidence in her reading ability.

Five months into the programme her Fluency, Comprehension and Enjoyment have improved hugely! The Fast ForWord programme has had a major effect on her learning and we are delighted with her improvements.

These improvements have also been reflected in her schoolwork.”

Julie, Mother of Anne

“This software has meant that we can radically improve the reading and spelling ability of a large group of children in record time.

The program is so well designed, it can provide individually tailored, intense, essentially 1:1 sessions.

This allows us to ensure many more children are given quality support and has had a great impact on our overall programme”

Ciara Hannon

Specialist Teacher, Mossbourne Academy

“Both Becky and I were very pleased with her progress during the year and her end of year report. Her reading has picked up greatly, also her general concentration has improved.

We still keep reading most days, hard job in the summer! So many more exciting things to do, but we are getting there.

Thanks again for your attention and help for Becky.

Stephanie, Mother of Becky

A Lot More than Reading

A Lot More than Reading

A Variety of Exercises to Challenge and Motivate


  • Quizzes – for recall and understanding
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Multichoice questions
  • “Think About Its”
  • Glossary – pronunciations and a dictionary
  • “Did You Know” Background material
  • Latin and Greek roots



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