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Evidence of Effectiveness

The results demonstrate that ForWord prepares the brain for learning English by improving the language and cognitive skills that are often weak in struggling students (MAPS — memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing). When these building blocks for English language are in place, students start to make significant learning gains, and are able to catch up with their peers.


Some studies used experimental designs, including the use of random assignment, while others have been case studies. Some of the studies had a short timeline and have shown that students start reaping the benefits within a few weeks while others have been longitudinal and show that the benefits endure over years.

Several studies have been published in major peer-reviewed journals such as Science and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences while others have been evaluated by the doctoral dissertation committees of students working towards their doctoral degrees.

Some of these schools use the products with students in a specific grade while others target English language learners, students receiving services for Special Education, students who did not score at the proficient level on their high stakes test, or students who are not succeeding in a typical school environment.

These studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the Fast ForWord products, which incorporate brain fitness exercises to improve reading skills, and the Reading Assistant software which targets fluency. They show the impact of the products on diverse populations and in a variety of settings.

What Works ClearingHouse

We have 21 studies that meet WWC Evidence Standards for Adolescent Literacy, Beginning Reading and English Language Development.


Fast ForWord is supported by “strong evidence.” For an intervention to be supported by strong evidence, there must be at least one well-designed and well-implemented experimental study (e.g., a randomized control trial) on the intervention. The United States  Department of Education considers an experimental study to be “well-designed and well-implemented” if it meets What Works Clearinghouse Evidence Standards without reservations. See the Guidance for Evaluation (ESSA) Click Here

Proven positive effectiveness ratings and improvement indices for:



Fast ForWord is the only intervention with positive effects for English Learner

AND Literacy Outcomes for students grades

K-10 in individual, small group, and whole class settings.

The National Center on Intensive Intervention + State Reviews

The United States National Center on Intensive Intervention conducted a review of multiple Fast ForWord research studies and documented positive targeted and broad effect sizes for pre-reading and reading outcomes. Independent reviews by states including Iowa and Nevada concluded that Fast ForWord meets widely accepted criteria for an effective intervention and is a “high-gain” program.

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