Research Proven Programs for Dyslexia that Develop the Cognitive and Language Skills Needed to Be a Good Reader

Average Gains are 1.5 years in Reading Skills in 40 to 60 Hours Work



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 A 3-in-1 Approach

“The Fast ForWord solution produces efficient and enduring results with a 3-in-1 approach to intervention.

Fast ForWord exercises simultaneously build

1) reading and language skills, 2) cognitive skills, and 3) social-emotional skills.

Cognitive Skills

Fast ForWord exercises improve working memory, attention, auditory processing rate, and sequencing as well as executive function.

Reading and Language Skills:

Fast ForWord exercises develop foundational language, grammar, phonics, multisyllabic words, decoding, and more. An online guided reading tool builds fluency and reading comprehension

Social Emotional Learning

Students will flourish as they develop confidence, self-management, self-advocacy, agency, and a healthy self-concept. As they achieve their full learning potential, they will recognize themselves for the capable learners they are.

See What People Say

“Amazing professional, considerate and welcoming service from Joyce through our ongoing journey with FastforWord” 

— Jeni Tark via Facebook

“I must say Fast Forward has been transformational for my severely dyslexic son. He is now in his final year before university – he is predicted 3As.”

 —  Polly Newport via Facebook

“Great programs from Neuron learning to help improve student’s attention and literacy at the same time. Professional service for parents and schools.” 

— Mary O’Dowd via Facebook

“The service at Neuron Learning is exceptional. The FastForword Program really aided my dyslexic son” 

— Claudia Noakes via Facebook

“The CASE Executive Committee believes the Fast ForWord program provides a truly effective way to help students make rapid improvements in their cognitive, language and reading skills,”

Dr. Luann L. Purcell, executive director of CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education) Click here


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