Webinar – Fast ForWord: Different for a Reason


Fast ForWord: Different for a Reason

Continuing our webinar series for the academic year 2017/18.

If you want to engage your students, reduce your administration time and solve the problem of poor academic performance then this may be the most important webinar you watch all year.

Teaching needs time and time is valuable. Here is how you can maximise your impact with your students.

Corey will explain:

  • How you can reduce your administrative paperwork.
  • The way you can help your students become better learners.
  • She shows the 5 secrets for you to use neuroscience learning methods in your classroom.
  • How to make your teaching impact 10 TIMES more effective.

This is a truly breakthrough idea for helping your students learn more effectively.

You will see why we are giving away these incredible programs for free for the rest of the year to attendees*

* School clients who are interested in using the programs for 2018/19



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Fast ForWord is an evidence-based language and reading intervention program that uses a unique 3-step approach to deliver fast learning gains. The program was developed by world-renowned neuroscientists to target the root causes of language and reading difficulty directly. No other intervention does this. Once these underlying areas are addressed, learners’ reading and language skills improve quickly, and continue to improve even after they have completed using Fast ForWord.

Key Features

Dozens of online and mobile skill-building exercises for elementary and secondary school age learners

Adaptive technology that adjusts delivery to meet the needs of each learner

A digital guided reading tool that provides real-time corrective feedback as students read texts aloud

Automated assessments to ensure continued learning growth

Digital reporting to track reading and language skill development

How it Works: 3 Steps to Transformative Reading and Language Growth

Step 1: Prepare

Fast ForWord prepares the brain for reading and learning by improving the cognitive skills that are weak in struggling learners (memory, attention, and processing speed).

Step 2: Practice

Fast ForWord ensures every learner receives personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of reading and language skills — more than any other approach or intervention.

Step 3: Reinforce

Using speech verification technology, our program listens to students as they read aloud, like a guided reading coach! Learners reinforce their new reading and language skills and rapidly build fluency and comprehension.

What Results Can You Expect?


√   Improved thinking and learning skills that result in more confident, engaged learners

√   Better reading skills and summative testing performance

√   Continued learning growth even after learners have completed the program