Top 35 Questions on Dyslexia

Read Their Minds: An Update on Dyslexia Research and Brain Based Remediation. 

Some very interesting questions were asked during the webinar including; the impact on adults, identical twins, ADHD, early interventions, English language learners and more.

Key points:

  • Problems with Reading
  • Crossover Learning Issues
  • Intervention & Assessments
  • Other

Below are some few questions raised:

  • What are the most important pre-reading skills that children need to have in order to have a solid foundation for reading development?

Children need age level oral language skills, the ability to rhyme, name and recognize letters, and listen to books that are read orally to them.

  • Why do some students miss some words while reading?

There can be several reasons. Sometimes students skip over words because their visual tracking isn’t smooth and coordinated. Sometimes they just don’t recognize the word and trying to figure it out seems too difficult, so they skip over it or misread it. Sometimes, if in a hurry, they just misread it because they don’t take the time to figure it out.

  • How can we use these strategies with teens or adults? Can we adopt these Fast ForWord strategies to other real world examples?

Teens and adults have used Fast ForWord very successfully. There is also a program specifically designed for adults.

  • My son is having trouble with speech.  I am confident it is dyslexia but not sure how to help him before it gets to reading issues. He is 4 and a half

The student can do Reading Readiness on Fast ForWord. Speech problems will not be an issue and it might help sort out speech versus reading issues.

  • I would like to know if a student can be ADHD can be diagnosed with dyslexia since some characteristics are similar.

Yes, There is nothing about the brain that says a child cannot have two challenges at the same time. But, as you say, some of the problems seens in dyslexia (like problems with impulse control) are also seen in ADHD. I have seen children misdiagnosed as ADHD because reading is so difficult and they have trouble attending in school, but in other settings, they shine. That is why I recommend including a program like Fast ForWord in an intervention so that any attention problems can be addressed. If the child still has problems with self control after Fast ForWord a psychologist may diagnose ADHD.

  • Could delayed speech in children be related dyslexia?

Yes, it often is. Many children with delayed speech have difficulties learning to perceive speech sounds.

  • Where can I test Fast ForWord for my students?

Please contact and we will send you demos and information based on your requirements.

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