Reading Assistant Success Stories

A Teacher’s View of Reading Assistant

“I’m a bit fascinated to introduce to you a new reading software. Last night, I was telling V that this software is like a ‘personal reading tutor’ to Little Edison, and he was very excited about it. Much to my delight, our boy is showing great interest in this software too. It’s really cool, I’ll tell you why:
This software is called the Reading Assistant by Neuron Learning. It builds brain fitness with intensive reading practice using speech verification technology to act as a tutor, and provides one-to-one guided oral reading support.”

“I Love to Read”

“We love it. My daughter has a language processing disorder who hated reading and would often be in tears during lessons. After two months with Reading Assistant she is reading books to us and the dog. She daily proclaims, “I love to read.” My daughter is a slow reader, speaker, and writer/typist. I appreciate that this program advances her to more difficult reading selections even if her fluency (words per minute) is below target rather than making her repeat the same thing over and over like other programs we have tried. Most of the time she gets perfect comprehension scores so I know that she is understanding what she is reading even if it is at a slower pace. I expect to use this program for a long time.”
Allison H

The Reading Prompts Keep the Student on Track”

“As a homeschooling mother with a dyslexic daughter, I have tried everything I can get my hands on to help my daughter enjoy reading. She would get frustrated with my attempts to help her sound out words and I needed something different.  I discovered Reading-Assistant! This approach to reading is a God send for dyslexic kids! They thrive on being in control, and RA gives them that and so much more. The reading prompts keep the child on track, so my daughter has never zoned out or daydreamed during a reading session. The current sentence being read is in bold while the rest of the text is very faded, so my daughter doesn’t get overwhelmed with a full page of words ahead of her. The yellow-highlighted problem words let her know to repeat the word until it is correct, which means I don’t have to intervene in any aspect of the reading assignment! The program speaks any word that is struggled over so my daughter is forced to try to sound it out, but doesn’t get frustrated. That is SO hard to accomplish, and Reading-Assistant has done it! The headset makes my daughter feel very sophisticated and important which adds to the motivation to get the assignment done. I am so thankful for this program as it has made a huge difference in our daily effort to make reading more enjoyable for my daughter!”
Andrea M

“I love the fact that they keep the scores of her reading comprehension and words per minute”

“Sara was behind on reading. I can not tell you the amazing difference Reading Assistant has had on her! She went from not wanting to read her small “Sam sat on the mat” books to chapter books!! She LOVES the fact she can go back and listen to herself read!! I love the fact that they keep the scores of her reading comprehension and words per minute. She can see the numbers and goals which helps her motivation!! This is the best homeschool product I have EVER bought!! Now my oldest child who doesn’t have a reading issue wants an account so she isn’t left behind!! Its amazing that she can even tell her sister has made leaps and bounds progress!! Thank you Reading Assistant! I cry with happiness when I hear Sara read to me!!”
Melodie G.

“Working on Pronunciation and Verbal Flow”

“We purchased the program for one of our children that was struggling reading at grade level, in the first week we saw such an improvement that we added a second account for a child that was reading fine at grade level. This program has ramped up our children’s reading capabilities faster than any other method we have tried. Also, we really like the book selection, it is better than other programs we have tried (more educationally oriented). One outcome that is awesome is that the program gets the children reading out loud, working on pronunciation and verbal flow. The program has probably been our most effective use of our homeschooling dollars.”