Free Webinar – Leadership and Classroom Secrets to Help Struggling Students Achieve

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The achievement gap between rich students and poor students continues to be a major problem in our schools. Join us for a free webinar with education expert Dr. Eric Jensen.

You’ll learn:-
  • How learning environments and different teaching strategies impact brain development
  • What school leaders and educators can do to help students of poverty catch up to their peers once and for all.

So we know that young readers who are struggling and adult impaired readers show:

  • Normal brain structure in many ways
  • But 3 of the regions important for reading may not mature as
    quickly in struggling readers
  • And thus, the highways that connect the three key brain areas for
    reading do not become well myelinated.

The good news is that brain maps and the highways that connect them are “experience dependent” – neuroscience-based interventions can drive that development. 

Five ways that changes the lives of a struggling Student:

① Relationships
② Understand the REAL Problem
③ Shift Mindsets/Expectations
④ Build Cognitive Capacity Relentlessly
⑤ Teach Habits for Implementation

About the Speaker 

Dr. Jensen is a leader in brain-based learning and author of several best-selling books, including Poor Students, Rich Teaching.


Title: Leadership and Classroom Secrets to Help Struggling Students Achieve

Originally broadcast Date: Tuesday, September, 10th, 2019

Duration: 55 minutes