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Neuroscience Proven Programs for Your Clients and Students

Now You Can Improve Learning At Home

Your clients can do the Neuron Learning programs in your centre or more commonly,in their home. With the flexibility of online home use, you are able to serve more students at all times of the year, including school holidays.

No FM System Needed

Great-Learning-Material “…her scores dramatically increased. It just shows you how wonderful that Fast ForWord programme is! Well done! I will send you her updated report next week. She does not need the FM system either..“
Marinet Brennan, Beacon Audiology.

Activation of Brain Areas

High-Quality “Fast Forword…. In addition, activation of the children’s brains fundamentally changed, becoming much more like that of good readers..”
Stanford University Study

Writing Fluidity

Processing-Skills “the researchers found that the tests of phonological skills were significantly higher among the cancer survivors who had received the Fast ForWord reading intervention during their cancer treatment, than among those who received standard-of-care.”
Brain Imaging Behavior Published May 2015.

Processing Gains

Great-Learning-Material “The average child who took the (Fast Forword) program moved ahead 1.8 years of language development in just six weeks, a remarkable achievement “
Norman Doidge “The Brain That Changes Itself”

Fast ForWord Programs

Fast ForWord first targets the processing, phonemic awareness and related skills that cause over 90% of all reading problems, and then develops vocabulary, spelling, fluency and reading comprehension.

Who Benefits

Our programs are ideal tools for professionals who are:
  • Teachers
  • Tutors or Mentors
  • Reading Intervention Specialists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Audiologists
  • English Language Tutors
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Tutor Centre Owners

Blend Your Professional Skills with Technology

You can use our programs to help you assess your client’s needs, expand your interventions and give you valuable feedback on their needs. You get your own confidential website to manage and monitor each person’s progress.

Develop Language, Reading and Learning Skills

You get access to exercises that improve processing skills for people with issues like:
  • Auditory Processing
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Language Impairment
  • Stroke and Brain Trauma

Comprehensive English Resources

You can give your students access to the latest neuroscience proven software for English language learning.
  • From the Basics to University Level English
  • Assessment Software
  • Pronunciation Tutor
  • High Level Comprehension

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Engaging Effective Exercises for Your Clients

After an assessment, you can provide a personalised training program. Daily, the software adapts, presenting a variety of interactive exercises with a computer-game feel. Your client has an individual pathway to improve language, learning and reading.

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Reading and Comprehension

After an intensive language development program, students then move to a reading program to build reading fluency, spelling and comprehension skills. Most intervention participants complete the complete home program within 6 months. EAL students will take longer.

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How You Know It Works

Designed by Neuroscientists

High-Quality “You can give your clients the world’s best options to accelerate their development. Our programs have been designed by brain scientists. These neuroscientists used the latest scientific understanding about how brains learn, and learn to read. –


Processing-Skills “You can now give your clients opportunities unimaginable just 10 years ago. Brain research is the basis for tools that improve memory, attention, processing speed, and reading skills.

Proven Results

Cognitive-Skills Professionals report outstanding results from Neuron Learning programs. Their experience is confirmed by more than 250 studies covering over 73,000 students using the programs. These studies show improved results for children ranging from learning disabled to gifted students.

The Key Characteristics of Our Partners are:

  • Devotion and experience in helping students learn.
  • A clear understanding, appreciation, and passion for the science and technology that underpins the Neuron Learning family of products.
  • Business experience and access to capital that can make it possible to establish and grow a learning business.

Technology Made Easy for You

It’s easy to get started:
  • Online professional training, over 2 short weeks.
  • Guidance from a Neuron Learning Specialist to get you started.
  • Access to Your Specialist during your online training, to promptly answer your questions.

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