Strong Evidence of Effectiveness for Dyslexia Intervention

Personalized Language and Reading Intervention for Learners with Dyslexia.

Approximately 1 in 1 0 students in the United States has dyslexia, a primarily auditory disorder with weaknesses appearing specifically in phonological processing. While most dyslexia interventions are designed to help learners compensate for these difficulties, Fast ForWord is different.

3-Step Cumulative Intervention Model

Step 1 : Prepare

Fast ForWord prepares the brain for reading by improving the underlying phonological processing skills that result in dyslexia.

Step 2: Practice

Fast ForWord provides more intensive practice than any other intervention program — 5x the amount of practice to be exact!

Step 3: Reinforce

Fast ForWord uses speech verification software to listen as students read texts aloud and provide corrective real-time guided reading reinforcement.

Research Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Stanford University;Rutgers University; Dartmouth College; Harvard Medical School

fMRl shows that physiological differences in children with dyslexia can be alleviated through remediation.

8 weeks of remediation that focused on improved rapid auditory processing and phonological and linguistic training (Fast ForWord) resulted in the children with dyslexia developing differentiated activation to rapid and slow transitions similar to that of children with typical development.

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