Help Your Child with Autism Improve Their Processing Skills

Children with Autism Often have Difficulty Perceiving the Differences in Sounds

You Can Improve their Attention, Memory and Language Processing

Fast ForWord is a suite of intensive programs which build the brain’s learning capacity. A child using Fast ForWord begins to make connections in his or her brain for their underdeveloped language skills.

More Independent

Great-Learning-Material “Joseph absolutely loves the program… Also after doing your program in the last two months, Joseph’s school teacher has noticed a huge difference in his hearing, participation in the classroom and ability to do more independently without his Learning Support Assistant. So we are all very pleased with it. Thank you as always for your help.”
Mother of Joseph / ASD Spectrum

Huge Progress

High-Quality “After working on Fast ForWord Hugh made a huge amount of progress. We noticed lots of improvement in his reading, writing, spelling and maths but also in other areas. For example we noticed he extended his circle of friends and became more chatty with adults”
Mum to Hugh – 9 years old / ASD Spectrum

Just What He Needs

Processing-Skills “He absolutely loves the new programs and I think they are just right – not too stretching, not too boring – I was amazed how the trials in Elebot and Robodog were incorporated in the reading comprehension, this is very ingenious. Its is all JUST what he needs right now and the correct mix. I’m excited – and he has become more confident with his language of late. Noticably so.”
Angela, Mother of Sam, 9 year old boy / ASD Spectrum

Comprehension Up

Cognitive-Skills “Comprehension and communication also improved; my daughter started asking for the first time in her life “what did you say?” and began asking the meaning of some words that she read or heard….She definitely achieved the most results in the least amount of time!”
Janine, Suffolk, England, Mother of Sarah / ASD Spectrum

Do You Want to Help Your Autistic Child?

  • Improve Listing Accuracy?
  • Process Information More Quickly?
  • Expand Vocabulary?
  • Increase Attention and Focus?
  • Enjoy Learning?

Improve Receptive Language Skills

    • Our brain training Fast ForWord programs strengthen auditory processing, working memory, attention and sequencing — essential cognitive skills.
  • And then the reading programs build reading fluency and comprehension.
  • The exercises involve making hundreds of sequencing and processing decisions in quick succession with speed and complexity added at the student’s own pace.
  • Every session is an intensive and engaging processing therapy.

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Train children with autism to become better with emotion recognition and production.

Build Language Skills

  • Poor processing hinders the capacity to learn by listening. This limits vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation and conversational skills.
  • This inefficient listening also impacts reading and writing.
  • Our auditory processing treatment builds listening skills so that language can be learned through listening. It specifically builds vocabulary, language syntax and comprehension.

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Research Proven Results 

    • 81% of children showed improvements in attention skills.
  • 83% showed changes in receptive and expressive language skills.
  • 60% showed improvements in speech intelligibility.
  • 76% improved pragmatic skills, including eye contact.
  • Overall, 77% of the children increased an average of 1.25 years in age-equivalent scores on standardised language assessment after completing the program.
  (Melzer & Poglitsch, 1999).

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How You Know It Works

Symptoms Improvement

Great-Learning-Material “One, a language study, showed that Fast ForWord quickly moved autistic children from severe language impairment to the normal range. But another pilot study of one hundred autistic children showed that Fast ForWord had a significant impact on their autistic symptoms as well.”
Norman Doidge, “The Brain That Changes Itself”

Receptive Language Gains

High-Quality “Studies indicate that students trained with Fast ForWord® make, an average, one to two years gains after four to eight weeks of training.”
Education Commission of the United States

Listening and Intonation

Processing-Skills “These results provide an objective indication of the benefit of training on auditory function for some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder… changes identified in the current study were accompanied by consistent and successful progression through Fast ForWord training.”
Russo, Kraus et al, NorthWestern University, USA, 2010

Auditory Discrimination

Cognitive-Skills Following Fast ForWord participation, students with ASD reached the average range in auditory discrimination skills and their overall language ability improved by approximately one year.
Scientific Learning Corporation. (2007).

Reading and Comprehension

After an intensive language development program, students then move to a reading program to build reading fluency, spelling and comprehension skills. Participants with autism may take longer than the typical time of 4 to 6 months to complete the work.

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