Accelerate English Learning for Your Students

Help Your Students to Become Better Learners of English

Then Marry These Cognitive Skills with English Language and Reading Exercises.

With our programs you can do what no other intervention can do: you start with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and work from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity. You can set personalised courses that help participants improve listening skills. Then you can systematically develop language and comprehension skills. All the while you get immediate and detailed information on the progress of each student.

Amazing Progress in EALs

Cognitive-Skills “….. And yes, we have had quite a few people look at our work who were amazed at how much progress kids make…and especially the fact that the programs allow EAL kids with no language at all to skip the silent phase altogether! ”
Luba Leadbetter, Moseley School, England.

Academic and English Gains

Great-Learning-Material “By strengthening both processing efficiency and English Language skills, we have been able to accelerate performance of English language learners and help students make academic gains.”
Dr. Sergio Paez. Worcester, USA.

Improved Attendance

High-Quality “Achieving goals and seeing progress gives these pupils greater confidence and enhances general self-esteem.  As the pupils enjoy this programme and achieve success, this has led to improved attendance and greater participation across all curricular areas.”
Michael Daly, Kinnity School, Ireland.

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Step 1: Unlock  Learning Potential

This is Your Opportunity to Give Your Students the Foundations Skills Needed for English Fluency.
  • Focus on the 44 phonemes of the English language.
  • Give Extensive Listening Practice
  • Develop Cognitive Skills

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Step 2: The “English” Brain

You Can Access Proven Neuroscientific Programs to Give Your Students the Best Learning Experience Possible.
  • Natural Learning Process
  • Hypothesis Based Learning Method
  • Adapts to Each Participant
  • Each Student Has a Systematic Individual Path
  • Engaging and Motivating Exercises

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Step 3: Systematically Enrich English Knowledge

You Use Blended Learning to Develop Listening, Speaking , Reading and Writing Skills.
  • Library of Over 1,000 Hours of Material
  • Accent Reduction with Speech Recognition
  • Expand Vocabulary from Beginners to Advanced
  • Ensure Accuracy with Grammar Instruction.

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Finally: Improve Comprehension

The latter stages of our programs focus on higher level comprehension such as:
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Deduction and Inference
  • Mind Mapping and Flows
  • Analogies and Similes

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You Can Implement Blended Learning Easily

  • Combine On-line with Class Activity.
  • Saves You Preparation Time.
  • Reduce Administration time with Automatic Assessment
  • Provide a Structured and Comprehensive Course.
  • Personalise Learning for each student.

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Engaging Exercises

Provide Engaging Interactive Exercises for Participants
  • Personalised Courses that adapt to each participant
  • Game style rewards:- Top Score, Screen Changes, Instant Feedback.
  • High Impact graphics
  • As little as 30 minutes daily, 3 days a week.

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You See Each Student’s Progress 

You get immediate and automatic access to your students’ results:
  • Full error reporting for each participant
  • Helps you maximise classroom instruction
  • Before and after testing on-line

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How You Know It Works

Move Beyond Intermediate Levels

High-Quality “79% of English language learners improved one or more proficiency levels .” The test covered four areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing, (including writing conventions).
Arizona, USA, 2009

EAL Learners Make Significant Progress

Cognitive-Skills “Sixty-nine percent of students with limited English improved performance on the MEPA test after using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products.”
Everett Schools, Boston, USA.

Leader in Accelerating English Learning

Great-Learning-Material Nevada Department of State report concluded Fast ForWord improved student reading achievement by an average of 22 points – the largest average increase of all programs reviewed.
Nevada, USA.

2 Years Gain in Reading

Processing-Skills After Fast ForWord participation (average 43 days) , the group of students who were learning English signficantly improved their reading comprehension skills by over one standard deviation— a gain of over two years in reading grade-level.
Study on 9th to 12th Grade Students, Dallas, Texas, USA 2005

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