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Help your students process information more effectively and you will see them respond better in the classroom and achieve superior test results. Our programs improve learning skills across the board focusing on the highest affect areas of cognitive skills, language, reading and high level comprehension.

Improvements in Record Time

Great-Learning-Material “This software has meant that we can radically improve the reading and spelling ability of a large group of children in record time.”
Ciara Heenan, Specialist Teacher at Mossbourne Community Academy, London, U.K.

Innovative ICT Programme

High-Quality “an innovative ICT programme for learning support and cognitive development has recently been added to the school’s provision. ….Individual students’ cognitive needs are evaluated by the software which then creates individualised programmes”
Department of Education & Skills Report on Kenmare Community School, Ireland.

3 Sub-Levels of Reading Improvement

Processing-Skills “Using Fast ForWord seems to up the number of good ‘coincidences!’ Children also report life changes e.g. being able to hear the teacher more clearly in the classroom or being able to hear their mum calling from downstairs and take in what she said. Some children have made three sub-levels of progress in their reading.”
Rachel Copeland, Head of Learning Skills, Rose Hill School, Kent, U.K.

Amazing Progress in EALs

Cognitive-Skills “….. And yes, we have had quite a few people look at our work who were amazed at how much progress kids make…and especially the fact that the programs allow EAL kids with no language at all to skip the silent phase altogether! ”
Luba Leadbetter, EAL Department, Moseley School, Birmingham U.K.

Smart Teaching Changes Brains

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change. Good teachers know that improving the student’s ability to process information means that they multiply the impact of their teaching. Greater cognitive capacity is closely correlated with enhanced student achievement. You can improve the learning capacity of all students with the Neuron Learning programs because they develop key cognitive and language skills essential for learning & reading.

Focus on What Matters

What skills matter the most for the student’s success? Leverage the highest impact aspect skills that will give the biggest gain over time. Focus on the things that research says matters most. The ‘Wow’ Factors such as:
  • Processing accurately and speedily
  • Working memory
  • Auditory language
  • Sequencing and following instructions
  • Vocabulary and comprehension.
You will help them become focused and self-motivated learners with short and long-term gains.

You Can Help Your Students to Become Better Learners

Fast ForWord is the Only Program that Simultaneously Develops Cognitive Skills together with English Language Skills

Systematic Development

Take advantage of the comprehensive resources and you can deliver everything from critical thinking skills development right down to foundation skills. All the time you can personalise each participant’s training automatically.

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Your Own Reporting System

Did you ever wonder how you can track each student’s progress immediately and continuously? With MySciLEARN you get immediate and automatic reports.
  • Before and After Tests
  • Specific Error Identification
  • Group and Individual Reports
  • Accessible from Your Own Website
  • Specific Intervention Suggestions.

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Autism: New Research and Interventions

See how you can use neuroscience to improve language and processing skills

How You Know It Works


Leader in Accelerating English Learning

Great-Learning-Material Nevada Department of State report concluded Fast ForWord improved student reading achievement by an average of 22 points – the largest average increase of all programs reviewed.

Research Validated – Fast, Enduring Results

High-Quality Stanford (2003) and Harvard (2007) researchers validate impact. After eight weeks, brain activation patterns change and reading performance improves.
Stanford (2003) and Harvard (2007)

Gains Are Maintained Over Time

Processing-Skills From 2006 to 2011, students have shown dramatic improvements in their reading achievement as measured by the English Language Arts (ELA) test.
English Language Arts (ELA)

EAL Learners Make Significant Progress

Cognitive-Skills “Sixty-nine percent of students with limited English improved performance on the MEPA test after using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products.”
Everett Schools, Boston, USA.

Develop Your Professional Skills

We recognise that the success of any academic program is reliant on the skills and motivation of the teacher. Besides product and service training we have an extensive professional program that develops general and specific teaching knowledge and skills.

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