Leadership Tips that (Really Impact) Student Achievement

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Learn how you can have a greater impact on student learning in just one hour. Join our latest brain-based learning webinar with Dr. Eric Jensen to discover new leadership skills and strategies that will actually make an impact on your students’ performance. Dr. Jensen will provide new insights into what is keeping your most struggling students from reaching their potential, and how you can change that with the implementation of just one tool. He’ll also discuss how having a better understanding of how your students and teachers’ brains work can help you create a greater learning environment that benefits everybody. See how you can implement ideas, tactics, strategies with high impact. Review research that proves the highest impact actions to improve student performance. Look at the difference between leadership styles of inspiration and transformation. Examine Key Questions like:
  • How YOUR leadership style may be hurting your chances of student success
  • How brains, teachers, and schools can all change
  • Five “Must Have” Super Teacher Tools; Do You Coach Them?
Eric Jensen also describes classroom interventions that can be used to redesign brains at any age.

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