Dyslexia Webinar Research and Remediation

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Dyslexia Awareness!  Join us to learn about the latest research on the processing weaknesses and early indicators in dyslexia. Most importantly, find out how to use this information to help your students. Hear and see how the Fast ForWord program can help your students/children with dyslexia. Like most things in life, the “one size fits all” approach for dyslexia intervention doesn’t always work. This is a once-a-year live webinar (free!) where you’ll learn the latest research on dyslexia and how to use this information to ensure you’re taking a comprehensive approach to treatment for your students. There are stealth causes of reading struggle; we’ll show you how Fast ForWord software exercises work to address these.

Presenter Information

Dr. Martha Burns is a Joint Appointment Professor at Northwestern University and has authored three books and over 100 journal articles on the neuroscience of language and communication. Dr. Burns’ expertise is in all areas related to the neuroscience of learning, such as language and reading in the brain, the bilingual brain, the language to literacy continuum, and the adolescent brain. Dr. Martha Burns is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Director of Neuroscience Education for Scientific Learning Corporation.