The Brain That Changes Itself

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Would you like to know how discoveries by eminent neuroscientist Dr Michael Merzenich led to a program that can help children and adults with learning difficulties, reading challenges and can increase everyone’s capacity to learn? Merzenich continues to challenge the view that we are stuck with the brain we have at birth. The Merzenich brain is structured by its constant collaboration with the world, and it is not only the parts of the brain most exposed to the world, such as our senses, that are shaped by experience. Plastic change, caused by our experience, travels deep into the brain and ultimately even into our genes, molding them as well… Chapter 3 of Norman’s bestselling book tells the story of how Dr Merzenich’s and his colleagues, Dr Bill Jenkins, Dr Paula Tallal and Dr Steve Miller developed brain exercises which help us:
  • Think faster
  • Remember more
  • Pay better attention
  • Read more fluently
  • Understand more of what we read
The chapter also describes how brain plasticity can be used to redesign brains at any age. Click Here to Get Your Free Copy