Pronouns and Auxiliary Verb Tenses Workbook

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Help your students improve their ability in multiple-choice questions using this worksheet from our Hog Hat Zone (included in the Fast ForWord Reading 3 program) The GOAL is to build skills in paragraph comprehension. We included morphological skills, vocabulary skills (focusing on affixes-prefixes and suffixes)  and automatic word recognition tasks.   The exercises meet the following Reading Curriculum Standards ➤ Identify and correctly use regular and irregular plurals (dog/dogs, house/houses, fly/flies, wife/wives). ➤ Spell correctly one-syllable words that have blends, compounds, and complex orthographic patterns (qu, consonant doubling, changing y to ies to form plurals). ➤ Spell correctly common homophones. ➤ Spell correctly root words, inflections, suffixes and prefixes, and syllable constructions. ➤ Use knowledge of homophones to determine meaning of words. ➤ Use sentence and word context to find meaning of unknown words. ➤ Use knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of words. ➤ Understand and be able to use complete and correct declarative, interrogative, and imperative sentences. ➤ Identify subjects and verbs that are in agreement. ➤ Identify articles. ➤ Identify adjectives and compound words. ➤ Identify pronouns. ➤ Identify past, present, and future verb tenses properly. ➤ Read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of children’s literature. ➤ Recognize the similarities of sounds in words. Develop morphological skills, the ability to understand and correctly use small words, letters and letter combinations that change the meaning of a word. We have put the exercises into 4 Tiers.
  • TIER 1  Pronouns and auxiliary verbs
  • TIER 2  Inflectional suffixes and verb tenses
  • TIER 3  Prefixes and frequent derivational suffixes
  • TIER 4 Deictic pronouns, possessives, and contractions.