A Reading Tutor for Every Student

Help Your Students Strengthen their Pronunciation, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

You Can Combine Advanced Speech Recognition Technology with the Latest Reading Science.

A Reading Tutor for Every Student:- Reading Assistant “listens” to a student as he or she reads aloud. Monitoring for signs of difficulty, the program intervenes with assistance when the student is challenged by a word.

Enjoyable Reading

Untitled “Kris and Susanne have completed the Reading Assistant program. They are really enjoying it and we’ve noted quite an improvement on their reading.”
Stephan, London UK.

Working Independently

Untitled “I cannot speak highly enough about this program. My very reluctant 7th grade reader was reading at a 3rd grade level and had zero fluency or comprehension. After just 3 months he is reading at 99 words/min and has about 80% comprehension. He is now reading at about a 4-5th grade level. This program is great and he can work independently.”
Laurie Halvorson

Highly Recommended

Untitled “My daughter’s reading specialist highly recommends this program and was amazed I was able to get it for such a low price. I definitely recommend this product for kids learning to read or for kids working through learning difficulties with reading.”
Erika, Mother of Janna.

Great Record Keeping

Untitled “Sara was behind on reading. I can not tell you the amazing difference Reading Assistant has had on her! She went from not wanting to read her small “Sam sat on the mat” books to chapter books!! She LOVES the fact she can go back and listen to herself read!! I love the fact that they keep the scores of her reading comprehension and words per minute.”
Donica, Mother of Sara

Guided Oral Reading

You Can Give Your Students a Private Tutor that can
  • Model a fluent native speaking reader
  • Give pronunciation practice and build vocabulary
  • Build confidence and become comfortable speaking English
  • Provide feedback on how well the student is speaking and reading

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Systematic Development

First step:
  • Preview and Read Silently
  • Listen to a model reading
  • Answer Guided Reading Questions with hints
  • Use the interactive glossary to look up words

How You Can Give Each of Your Students a Reading Tutor 

An Online Guided Reading Tool for Improving Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Prosody

Proven Effective

Reading Assistant is the ONLY reading program that “listens” to students as they read out loud, intervenes when the student falters, and automatically scores students’ oral reading.
Language, Reading and Comprehension

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Blended Learning

You Can Implement Blended Learning Easily
  • Combine On-line with Class Activity.
  • Saves You Preparation Time.
  • Reduce Administration time with Automatic Assessment and Tracking.
  • Provide a Structured and Comprehensive Course.
  • Personalise Learning for each student.

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Clear Feedback to Each Participant

Each student is given a fluency report telling how many words per minute were read correctly and a list of words that he or she needs to practice before the next reading. The software stores audio of each reading session for review by the student and teacher.

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How You Know It Works

Builds Reading Fluency

High-Quality “An exciting new program, (Reading Assistant)…strongly recommended… — repeated oral reading — number one priority… It requires little time and minimal expertise, and it invariably works.”
Sally Shawitz, “Overcoming Dyslexia,“.

Improved Reading Levels

Processing-Skills 84% of students increase reading proficiency level after Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant participation.
2010, 31 participants West Jefferson Hills, USA

Aveage Lexile Score up 68 Points

Cognitive-Skills After one month of Reading Assistant use, their Lexile scores improved by 68 points. Participants gained more than half a year in reading comprehension. 2009, 60 students.
Marion County, USA