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Blended learning program for Your students

With Fast ForWord you can do what you cannot do with any other intervention: You start with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and systematically develop reading, language and comprehension skills, using the principles of neuroplasticity.
Improved Attendance Untitled “Achieving goals and seeing progress gives these pupils greater confidence and enhances general self-esteem.  As the pupils enjoy this programme and achieve success, this has led to improved attendance and greater participation across all curricular areas.”
Michael Daly, Kinnity School.
Strengthen Cognitive Skills Untitled “One of the things I was excited about was that the Fast ForWord program is based on the science of how the brain learns and retains information…We realized that to make the most of our programs, we needed to develop and strengthen the cognitive skills essential for learning and reading success” -”
Donald W. Aguillard, Ph.D, St. Mary Parish Public Schools.
Improves Memory Untitled “The Fast ForWord programme helps improve short and long term memory, which is essential for word recognition.  It improves pupil’s concentration and attention, allowing them to focus on the task.  It also strengthens processing skills and improves sequencing. Lessons are presented as fun games and as pupil’s skills get stronger, the exercises get more complicated.”
Sr. Anne Keating, Scoil Bhride Naofa, Kildare.
Sustained Attention Untitled “My daughter has been doing the FastForword program for less than three months. She is in second year and was finding it hard to study and concentrate….. Well, after this short time, her marks have really soared! She got 98% in her last 3 tests. She seems to be able to focus more when she does study – and she is now finishing her tests in time, whereas before she’d not be able to complete them in the allotted time.
Tessa Hanafin, via Facebook.

You Build Learning Capacity

The Fast ForWord® program was developed by neuroscientists to improve language and literacy skills while concurrently developing the essential cognitive skills of: Memory, Attention, Processing speed and Sequencing

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First Things First: You develop English Listening Skills

  • Focus on the 44 Phonemes of English
  • Modify Speech Exercises to Suit Ability
  • Structured Practice in Responding to Spoken Language.

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Then You Personalise the Training from Foundation Skills to High Level Comprehension

  • Phonemes, Phonics, Word Analysis, Grammar and Spelling
  • Language (following directions) and Reading Comprehension
  • Academic Vocabulary and Inference
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
Language, Reading and Comprehension

Put Reading First

The Research Building Blocks to Language and Reading Intervention

You Provide Anytime Anywhere Access as You See Fit

  • All levels of English Proficiency, from Basic to Advanced,
  • Classroom, Library and Personal Study.
  • K-12 and College Students – (separate modules).
  • Developing High Level Comprehension.

3 Steps to Faster English Language Learning Results

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Engage Your Students

  • Personalised Courses that adapt to each participant.
  • Game style rewards:- Top Score, Screen Changes, Instant Feedback.
  • High Impact graphics.

Fast ForWord Builds a Matrix of Skills

Fast ForWord – the critical link for struggling readers

Full and Automatic Reporting to Help You Teach

  • Detailed Progress and Errors Identified
  • See Exactly When and How Your Students Participated
  • Recommendations of Resources for Interventions
  • “Before and After” Testing

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Symptoms Improvement Great-Learning-Material “One, a language study, showed that Fast ForWord quickly moved autistic children from severe language impairment to the normal range. But another pilot study of one hundred autistic children showed that Fast ForWord had a significant impact on their autistic symptoms as well.”
“The Brain That Changes Itself” Norman Doidge.
Receptive Language Gains High-Quality “Studies indicate that students trained with Fast ForWord® make, an average, one to two years gains after four to eight weeks of training.”
Education Commission of the States.
Listening and Intonation Processing-Skills “These results provide an objective indication of the benefit of training on auditory function for some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder… changes identified in the current study were accompanied by consistent and successful progression through Fast ForWord training.”
Russo, Kraus et al, NorthWestern University, USA, 2010
Auditory Discrimination Cognitive-Skills Following Fast ForWord participation, students with ASD reached the average range in auditory discrimination skills and their overall language ability improved by approximately one year.
Scientific Learning Corporation. (2007).