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Are Your Maths Teachers Burning-Out Because of a Lack of Student Motivation?

Provide students with an immersive game-based environment that sparks their curiosity and unleashes maths potential.

My name is John Kerins

 I have over 20 years experience in education

  • Running tuition schools
  • World Bank Education Specialist
  • EdTech resources for schools and specialists
  • Advising Governments and Education Providers


Best Educational Game

2023 SIIA CODiE Awards


  • Merges the worlds of fun and learning
  • Creates engaging experiences
  • Supports any maths curriculum
  • Enables learners of all types to connect with educators and educational materials

Do Your Maths Teachers Struggle With?

  • Student disengagement,
  • Diverse abilities
  • Limited time
  • Large class sizes
  • Curriculum demands
  • Math anxiety, and
  • Fostering a growth mindset?

Award Winning Maths Resources

“It’s helped me see which students need more help in specific topics…

MATHia Adventure has made it easy for me to track student progress. I love that I can assign a specific topic that is related to what we are learning in the classroom. Being able to pre-schedule assignments has been a lifesaver!” 

Tyna Hammer

Teacher, Woodbridge School

What’s on Your Maths Teachers Wish List?

  • Remove student maths anxiety
  • Save time preparing class and practice resources
  • Focus on helping students understand maths concepts
  • Provide extensive practice resources online and printed
  • Personalise students work according to individual needs
  • Save time with automated feedback on student progress
  • Ensure curriculum standards and targets are met
  • Access high quality continuing professional development

Programs Featured in

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See how you can implement

  • Innovative strategies,
  • Student-centered approaches, and
  • Continuous professional development