Just as we can improve our overall physical fitness by exercising our bodies, we can achieve brain fitness by exercising our brains.

Neuroscience research has shown that we can build brain processing efficiency and improve learning by exercising our brain through activities that focus on memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing.

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General Interest

The Role of Time and Timing in Learning

Brain Plasticity

  • Dr. Norman Doidge discusses his best-selling book, The Brain that Changes Itself, and presents a strong case for reconsidering how we view the human mind.

One of the most effective strategies for addressing student reading difficulties involves using technology to provide universal, targeted, and intensive interventions that develop cognitive skills and reading fluency.

The Scientific Learning® family of products supports the Response to Intervention model by:

  • Building the cognitive skills of attention, memory, processing, and sequencing needed for reading and learning
  • Delivering individualized, intensive daily sessions
  • Providing daily progress monitoring and evaluation

The earlier the at-risk student can be provided the appropriate intervention, the higher the likelihood that student can successfully maintain class placement.

Response to Intervention Model

Level 1 – Universal Intervention: Reading Assistant Plus™
With a focus on all students in the general education classroom the Reading Assistant PlusTM program provides students who are reading 25 words correct per minute the opportunity to further increase their oral reading fluency while enhancing their vocabulary and comprehension.

Level 2 – Targeted Intervention: Fast ForWord® Reading Series & Reading Assistant Plus™
Students identified as not making adequate progress in Level 1 are provided a more targeted intervention in addition to the core program. The Fast ForWord Reading Series provides students in Level 2 with targeted reading skills practice in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension while at the same time enhancing the cognitive skills of attention, memory, processing rate, and sequencing. The Fast ForWord Reading Series is an efficient targeted Level 2 intervention that provides the foundation needed for further development of oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills addressed by Reading Assistant Plus.

Level 3 – Intensive Intervention: Fast ForWord® Language Series & Literacy Series
For students who do not adequately respond to a targeted Level 2 intervention, a more explicit, intensively designed Level 3 intervention is required. The Fast ForWord Language Series and Literacy Series are appropriate for use with students who need intense work with the foundational cognitive skills of attention, memory, processing, and sequencing, as well as language skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, listening comprehension, and vocabulary. The Fast ForWord Language Series and Literacy Series can be effective intensive Level 3 interventions that position students to gain the cognitive and language skills needed to progress to the Level 2 Fast ForWord Reading Series and Reading Assistant Plus program.