Building Better Writers (Webinar)

Building Better Writers (without picking up a pen) – recorded webinar
Presenter: Beth Rogowsky, Ed.D.
Length: 49 minutes



In this webinar:

02:10 – Research Summary
04:40 – Common Writing Errors
05:45 – Sample Task
08:13 – Start with an Objective
08:10 – 4 Key Writing Development Components
09:05 – Why is Writing So Difficult
10:50 – 5 Exercises to Improve Writing Skills
13:00 – How Computer Gaming Helps
21:40 – Research
35:00: – Questions and Answers
28:40 – Using modules
30:24 – Presenting solutions to problems
31:25 – Comparing and contrasting
33:58 – A content creation guide
40:06 – Beware of using absolutes
43:59 – Edit, edit edit; cut, cut, cut
46:38 – Work for results, not approval
48:20 – Choose early and often
52:29 – Why “Steal the Show” is a must-read


Learning to write is one of the most cognitively demanding academic activities a student must perform. It is not surprising that many students struggle to perfect and improve their writing abilities throughout their academic years. Nearly 3/4 of both 12th and 8th grade students are not proficient writers (NAEP, 2011). In this webinar, learn from teacher-turned-researcher, Dr. Rogowsky, about a randomized control field trial that found that computer-based instruction intended to improve cognitive skills transferred to improvement in sixth grade students’ writing skills.