Boosting Essential Skills – Memory


So, let’s think of a few other things that we can do to boost the memory working memory of students. So, I have eight ideas here: –


One of them is, working on visualization skills: – So keep creating a picture in students’ minds of what they’ve just read or heard. My granddaughter was here one day and I think she was that the end of first grade and she was starting to read a chapter book, and I thought I don’t know if she’s really ready for that so I said “Riley do you understand what you’re reading do you know are you getting this?” And she looked at me and said, you know I just don’t know how I do it, but I can just visualize it in my mind. Now I’ve got to admit I was first of all mightily impressed that a seven-year-old could use the word visualized correctly in a sentence, but then I realized she really could do it and wasn’t that what I wanted for every student I’d ever worked with. The ability to get a picture in their minds of what they had just read or heard. So, maybe they can start out with some little things like, if you told them to divide up ten pieces of candy among five students, have them draw a picture think about what that would look like draw a picture of it and then as they get better at visualizing they probably won’t need to draw the picture to go along with it.

Another good thing is having children teach us h