Free Webinar – Inside the Brain of a Struggling Learner


“Inside the brain of a struggling reader” falls under educational neuroscience. Trying to understand why school is harder for some students than others takes us to understanding some of the components that underline learning.

You’ll learn:-
How the brain works and how it can be optimised to maximise your child’s potential for reading and all learning. What if the roadblocks that are standing in the way of your child and his/her success could be eliminated?
The Underlying reasons why your child is struggling.

Lots of great information you can use with your students here.

Student motivation
Executive skills
How the brain develops – maturation
Why stress is not always bad
Optimised learning – content and processing
Education neuroscience


In the Q&A at the end the presenters cover

Cognitive skills
Results gained


Well-designed neuroscience technologies can address foundational cognitive skills essential to academic success and
promote life skills (executive functions)
Fast ForWord uses a new 3-step process for fast reading results:

1. PREPARE the foundation for reading

• Targets missing skills and addresses weaknesses that other programs and methods don’t (memory, attention, processing speed, listening accuracy, etc.)

2. PRACTICE language and reading skills

• Your child receives 1000s of personalized practice opportunities – this is more intensive than any other approach and how to get far better results
• Adjusts to every click of the mouse or touch on an iPad
• Keeps your child at 80% success, 20% challenge

3. REINFORCE new reading skills

• As your child reads aloud, the Reading Assistant program listens and provides corrective reading feedback. This real-world reading reinforces newly learned skills and rapidly builds fluency and comprehension.

About the Speaker 

Dr. Martha Burns is an expert on how children learn and has written 3 books and over 100 articles. She is an associate professor in the Northwest University, USA


Title: Inside the Brain of a Struggling Learner

Originally broadcast Date: Monday, July, 15th, 2019

Duration: 60 minutes