Effective and Proven Interventions for Dyslexia

Help Your Students to Develop a “Reading Brain”.

Dyslexic Brains Can Normalize. Profound Change Is Possible.

Dyslexia is not a illness, condition or disease. It is an educational, not a medical diagnosis that defines an unexpected difficulty with reading (Shaywitz). Even though a common dyslexia trait is visual — switching of letters — around 95% of dyslexia is caused by language-related problems — listening and/or processing.

No Longer Need  Support

Untitled “Their attention has improved so much…They have more of an interest in reading. Their comprehension is where they most excelled. They no longer need learning support in school.”
Mary Dunne, Mother of Dennis, Kieran, Brian and Maria.

Activation of Brain Areas

Untitled “The children with dyslexia improved significantly in reading ability, as measured by tests of real word reading (Word Identification), pseudo-word decoding (a measure of phonological awareness) (Word Attack), and passage comprehension”
Reporting on a Stanford University Study.

Jump to the Top of Class

Untitled “My eldest daughter progressed from the 5th percentile to the 86th percentile thanks to an 18 month investment in FastForWord.  My 8 year old son has just completed the first four modules in 83 days and his Reading Age has increased by a gain of 6 years.”
Lisa Connolly, Mother (and a teacher).

Particularly Impressed

Untitled “The Dyslexia Rapporteur Group was particularly impressed by the Fast ForWord® computer based products …”The key features of Fast ForWord were highlighted in the report: scalability, replication, teacher efficiency, adaptability, engagement for students.””
Welsh Assembly Dyslexia Rapporteur Group, July 2008.

First You Build Learning Capacity:

The Fast ForWord® program was developed by neuroscientists to improve language and literacy skills while concurrently developing the essential cognitive skills of: Memory, Attention, Processing speed and Sequencing.

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See the Strong Evidence of Effectiveness for Dyslexia Intervention.

Build Reading Efficiency

  • Good reading needs good language skills — APD almost always impacts reading.
  • Automaticity accelerates reading.  This requires fluent decoding and phonics. These are skills undermined by weak auditory processing.
  • Our software improves phonological awareness and reading automaticity.  This helps fluency in younger readers and decoding efficiency and reading comprehension in older children.

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Finally You Use Fast ForWord to Move from Foundation Skills to High Level Comprehension

Builds from bottom up:
  • language processing, phonics, word analysis, grammar and spelling
  • Language (following directions) and reading comprehension
  • Academic vocabulary and inference
  • Higher order thinking skills
Language, Reading and Comprehension

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For Your Older Participants

Our primary school programs focus primarily on phonemic awareness, reading speed, fluency, comprehension and learning efficiency. Our secondary school programs ensures the basics also. Then develops higher-order reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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Provide Engaging Interactive Exercises for Participants

  • Personalised Courses that adapt to each participant
  • Game style rewards:- Top Score, Screen Changes, Instant Feedback.
  • High Impact graphics
  • As little as 30 minutes daily, 3 days a week.

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MySciLEARN Reports Provide You with Accountability at Every Level

  • Special features improve results for students, teachers and schools:
  • Automatic analysis of group and individual progress, including diagnostic and prescriptive information, displayed in graphs and tables.
  • Recommendations to maximise classroom instruction

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Effectiveness of Auditory/ Phonological Interventions

Great-Learning-Material “Many studies have shown the remedial gains of phonological training with Fast ForWord, including auditory discrimination, phoneme discrimination, phoneme identification, phonic match, phonic word, understanding instructions, and grammatical structures and rules.”
University of Helsinki, “Neuroscience illuminating the influence of auditory or phonological intervention on language-related deficits” 2015.

Replication of the Reading Brain

High-Quality “Fast ForWord…. In addition, activation of the children’s brains fundamentally changed, becoming much more like that of good readers..”
PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) Report, USA, 2003

Leader in Accelerating English Learning

Great-Learning-Material Nevada Department of State report concluded Fast ForWord improved student reading achievement by an average of 22 points – the largest average increase of all programs reviewed.
PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) Report, USA, 2003