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We provide you with adaptive computer game-like exercises that build auditory processing accuracy, speed and efficiency in steady increments every day. Within a few months, most students acquire the processing efficiency required to significantly improve learning, language and reading skills.
More Focus Great-Learning-Material “Many things have improved, such as being more focused and persistent in completing his work and presenting his work neatly.  I was very pleased with his report. I will talk to the teacher today about the report  (who promotes the purchase of Fast Forward for the school after I made her aware of it).“
Brenda, mother of Sam, Germany.
Higher Comprehension High-Quality “Fast Forword has been absolutely fantastic for Alma. Her short term memory, use of English language (cognitive and pragmatic) and comprehension have ALL improved to a level we never expected in the time that she has been doing Fast ForWord.”
Susannah, Oxford, UK.
Writing Fluidity Processing-Skills “He has come on leaps and bounds. His teachers no longer have any concerns about his concentration and listening skills. He has integrated with all the children in the class and actively participates in all group discussions, tasks and play. His writing skills have improved considerably. We are all very happy with his progress.”
Amy, mother of William, UK.
Auditory Processing Gains Cognitive-Skills “I was delighted with the progress I could see in so many areas: taking turn in conversation, amount of information given, less reliance on adult to manage conversation, emotionally calmer, faster processing speed & responsiveness and improved organisation of expressive language. Really fantastic!“
Speech & Language Therapist, UK.

It’s All About Listening

Does Your Child have Problems?
  • Paying Attention?
  • Understanding what is being said?
  • Slow to respond when asked a question?
  • Does this process result in frustration and tiredness?

Use Our Free Auditory Processing Initial Screening Form

Assess language processing, oral comprehension, working memory to see if your child displays weaknesses in the key aspects of Auditory Processing.

Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing is basically the role the brain plays in the hearing process which ultimately enables us to develop learning skills.Essentially, it is our brain and not our ears that hear. How well the raw information is interpreted by the brain depends on our level of Auditory Processing skills.


Improve  Skills

  • Memory – working, short-term and long-term memory which are essential for word recognition, comprehension and remembering instructions.
  • Attention – the ability to focus on information and tasks and ignore distractions
  • Processing Speed – the rate at which we are able to process incoming information. For reading, this is how quickly one can distinguish speech sounds and identify letters and words to create meaning.
  • Sequencing – the ability to determine the order of letters within words or words within sentences.
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Improve Focus & Attention

      • Auditory processing disorder makes learning exhausting, sometimes mistaken as ADD (attention deficit diagnosis).

    • While ADD medicines manage symptoms, our treatment for auditory processing disorder for children and teens targets the cause of inattentiveness.

    • By making reading and listening easier, more engaging, our software can reduce Auditory Processing Delay / APD symptoms.


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Effective Engaging Exercises

Listening Comprehension
Great-Learning-Material Cosmic Reader improves skills in listening comprehension, English language conventions, and following directions through a combination of increasingly complex activities.
Auditory Working Memory
High-Quality Lunar Tunes helps develop listening accuracy, word recognition, phoneme discrimination, and visual and spatial working memory.
Listening Discrimination
Processing-Skills Galaxy Goal: This phonological fluency exercise increases in difficulty across three dimensions: synthetic speech emphasis, presentation rate, phoneme discrimination.
Auditory Sequencing
Cognitive-Skills Space Racer improves the speed at which the student identifies and understands rapid, successive changes in sound (listening accuracy), and the ability to recognize and remember the order in which a series of sounds is presented (auditory sequencing/working memory).

How You Know It Works


Auditory Processing

Great-Learning-Material “If it is a learning disorder based on auditory processing, Scientific Learning has a program that has been tested and shown excellent results, with hundreds of thousands of people.”
Norman Doidge, “The Brain That Changes Itself”

Receptive Language Gains

High-Quality “it should be noted that the mean gains in expressive language were two to four times larger in the FFW-Li (Fast ForWord) group than in the other two groups of children.”
US National Library of Medicine

Effective Remediation

Processing-Skills “effective remediation can foster neural plasticity that enhances brain responsiveness to rapid auditory transitions as well as improves language and reading skills.”
Harvard University Study – Nadine Gaab et al 2007

Reading and Decoding Gains

Cognitive-Skills After using Fast ForWord Language, ….. With the APD group moving into the average range in sight word reading ability and phonemic decoding ability.
Cheryl Ho, University of Western Australia (Honours Thesis)
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Gains Across the Auditory Processing  

Most students work solely on cognitive and language exercises to start; then reading, decoding, fluency and comprehension exercises later. Based on extensive research, our exercises are designed to strengthen cognitive skills, reading, academic progress, test taking and more.  The exercises are suitable for adults with auditory processing / APD issues.
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