Improve the results of your school by helping your students learn efficiently.

Maximise your teaching impact by using curriculum based resources to  engage your students in personalised learning.

It’s the “other side of the teaching coin”.  You have the best teachers, resources and training, but want to improve the ability of your students to process this valuable information.

You can deliver language & cognitive enhancement to students that organises their brains in the best, most efficient way to receive the lessons and knowledge you are delivering.

Neuron Learning’s English language programs combine neuroscience learning technologies with an online to offline methodology to help students of all levels achieve their full potential.

Do you want to:

  • Improve thinking and comprehension skills?
  • Increase literacy skills, including fluency, vocabulary and comprehension?
  • Improve test taking skills?
  • Teach English as an additional language in line with the curriculum?
  • Develop learning and language skills for Early Learners?
  • Help students with auditory processing difficulties?
  • Help students with learning difficulties?
  • Have better student engagement and classroom behaviour?

The Neuron Learning programs are neuroscience research-based tools used in schools worldwide.  They are built from neuroscience research about how students’ brains learn. There are hundreds of research studies from Harvard University to school implementations.